Loan Officer Job Description

Loan Officers handle existing and potential clients by handling all incoming phone calls, walk in clients regarding all queries for their loan application. They possess good verbal and written communication skills as they prepare word documents, reports on excel and also have good keyboarding skills. They store and update client data, settle loan administrative transactions… Continue reading Loan Officer Job Description

Insurance Underwriter – Job Description

Insurance Underwriters is a key position in the insurance department of an organization which involves analyzing and scrutinizing insurance applications for risk factors and determining whether they should be accepted for insurance or rejected. They play a key role in the insurance industry especially in the general insurance, car insurance, life insurance and reinsurance categories.… Continue reading Insurance Underwriter – Job Description

Security Specialist – Job Description

In a broad sense, security specialists, who are also referred to as information security specialists; computer security specialists; and/or information technology security specialists, are professionals saddled with the responsibility of planning, formulating, designing, implementing and supervising the smooth running of the overall security measures of an organization. These specialists evaluate inherent security protocols and make… Continue reading Security Specialist – Job Description

Bill and Account Collector – Job Description

A bill and account collector is a professional whose primary duty is to interface with defaulting customers in a bid to recoup funds if and when due in relation to pre-existing agreements already put in place. Interactions between the bill and account collector could be via telephone calls, exchange of emails and/or scheduled individual visits… Continue reading Bill and Account Collector – Job Description

Computer Operator – Job Description

Simply put, computer operators are professionals who are responsible for overseeing the all-inclusive operations and/or performances of the computer systems. These individuals are principally tasked with the duty of ensuring that the computer systems are used in such a way whereby the productivity and efficiency of the output is optimal. The specifics of a computer… Continue reading Computer Operator – Job Description

Legal Assistant – Job Description

Legal Assistants enhance attorney’s effectiveness by developing case information, evidence, and settlement options. Their duties include; tracking cases, carrying out research, legal writing, scheduling meetings and providing operational and administrative support. Legal Assistants are found in all types of organizations but most work for law firms, corporate legal departments, and government agencies. Legal Assistant Job… Continue reading Legal Assistant – Job Description

Java Developer – Job Description

A Java developer designs, develops, implements, and tests web-based Java applications to support business and client needs, working with clients and team members through many layers of application architecture. From simple web-based applications to sophisticated desktop applications, Java developers program, troubleshoot, and configure these apps to enhance user friendliness. Processes include upgrading website design and… Continue reading Java Developer – Job Description

Front End Developer -Job Description

A front-end developer is responsible for the production, enhancement, and maintenance of websites and web application’s interfaces. This involves working with designers to translate their designs into working web pages that have unique features and draw the eye. Front-end developers also work with back-end developers to develop complex server coding in order to create visually… Continue reading Front End Developer -Job Description

Application specialist – Job Description

Application specialists is a key position in the information technology department of an organization which involves designing new products and its applications keeping in the mind the customized requirements of any particular department or division. They play key roles which involve planning and developing automated application systems and processes in an organization to accomplish objectives… Continue reading Application specialist – Job Description

Administrative Assistant – Job Description

Administrative Assistants handle existing and potential clients by handling all incoming phone calls, ordering for all office supplies, scheduling all meetings and appointments. They possess excellent verbal and written communication skills as they prepare word documents, reports on excel and also have superior keyboarding skills. They store and update client data, settle administrative transactions for… Continue reading Administrative Assistant – Job Description

Special Education Teacher – Job Description

Simply put, special education refers to the all-encompassing training and instruction of students with peculiar and exceptional demands. These needs may be mentally, emotionally and/or physically inclined in nature. Special education teachers are the cadre of professionals that are responsible for this category of education. These specialized teachers educate students who are challenged with any… Continue reading Special Education Teacher – Job Description