Computer Programmer – Sample Cover Letter

Arnold Smith
999 Oakland Blvd, Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone: (410) 343 – 5678 Email:

Dear Mr. Wolfe,

In response to you advert placed in the employment section of the second volume of the biannual edition of the Blue Chip Incorporated Journal dated July 1, 2017, I would hereby like to use this medium to indicate my willingness to apply for the post of Computer Programmer in your illustrious company as advertised.

Sir, I believe that I have the needed experience, educational qualifications and passion to contribute meaningfully to the advancement of your organization. This conviction stems from the fact that besides being a proud alumnus of the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, CO wherein I obtained a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, I have been involved in a career fully concomitant with computer programming, software development and analyses over the past seven years. This experience has immensely broadened my knowledge base and intellectual acuity.

Furthermore, I have been privileged to be a dynamic member of a number of professional bodies, which has helped in improving my proficiency at discharging my duties as a computer programmer. In addition, my personal attributes such as an amiable and optimistic inclination can help to foster productive interactions amongst the relevant stakeholders for the overall progress of all and sundry. I perform assigned tasks with astonishing rapidity, diligence and precision. The principles and virtues of teamwork are also sacrosanct to me.

Kindly find attached my resume, list of references and full contact information.

Looking forward to hearing from you soonest.

Best regards,

Arnold Smith

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