Front End Developer -Sample Cover Letter

Derek C. Rode
1234 Brown Street, Des Moines, IA 48120
Phone: 925-947-0048, Email:

Dear Mr. Sheffield,

I would like to express my interest in the front-end developer position I saw in the Gazette. I have relative web development experience with talent to accompany it. I have a vast familiarity of web development processes and knowledge of content strategy. With five years of web development experience, I am a great candidate for this position.

I am currently a front-end developer for a local tech company focused on making contemporary business websites for a variety of clients. I have a master’s degree in Management Information Systems as well as a web development certificate. I am an integral part of the web development process, designing efficient processes and working with clients to create and implement websites. Additionally, I communicate with back-end developers to produce and enhance efficient coding and troubleshooting processes. By developing web architecture and strategy, I have helped make a more efficient and unique digital world. My advanced web development skills have enabled me to accomplish challenging goals and exceed client expectations.
I hope you will find me a competent and skilled choice for this front-end developer position. Please call me to set up an interview at your convenience. My resume is also enclosed for your reference.

Thank You,

Derek C. Rode

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