Preschool Teacher – Sample Cover Letter

Janet Lyn Rock
121 Apple Creek, Atlanta, GA 30301
Phone: (404) 345-6789 Email:

Dear Mrs. Hopkins,

In response to your advert placed in the Georgia Recruitment Board Bulletin of 25th July, 2017, I by means of this medium signify my interest in applying for the position of Preschool Teacher at St. Michael’s Preschool. I have the uppermost conviction that my passion, academic qualification and experience in dealing with children of preschool ages over the years will be of indisputable benefit to your institution.

I have had the unsurmountable honor of working with young children over the course of a decade. The passion and satisfaction inherent in nurturing these young children has always been an undying catalyst in my career. Being a parent myself, I am very adept in relating with the intricacies involved in child development. In addition, my academic qualifications and innate parental attributes, I believe, provide me with the essential capabilities to make meaningful contributions to your school.

I am currently a playgroup instructor at EXCEL Academy for Kids, Atlanta, GA. This is a position that I have singularly held since April 2015; and I am wholly certain that my impact has been overwhelmingly productive. The positive acclaims and edifying attestations by all and sundry leave me in no doubt of the foregoing fact. My relentless desire to challenge myself further drives me to indicate my intention to work in your esteemed institution. I am a die-hard optimist with a well-grounded ability to maintain and sustain productive relationships as duly required to excel in both my career and personal development.

I will be looking forward to getting a positive response soonest. Kindly find attached a copy of my resume as well as my full contact information.



Janet L. Rock

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