Sample Cover Letter For Administrative Assistant

An administrative assistant also sometimes referred to as an administrative support specialist or an administrator/ secretary in a broader sense is that individual whose duties include managing and organizing files and other documents; developing and making arrangements for office functions and events as well as overseeing and supervising all management-related activities.

By virtue of the job description of an administrative assistant given above, it is obvious that this category of specialists is vital to all organizations. They are required in nearly all establishments which ably justifies why the job projections for administrative assistants are so high according to different statistical bureaus. Either in small, private businesses and agencies or in big corporations and conglomerates, the need for reliable administrative assistants is pivotal for sustainable growth and development.

Having summarily stressed the importance of administrators in the scheme of things, it is consequential to briefly elaborate on both the benefits of writing a cover letter when seeking employment for this position; and also the characteristics of a seemly cover letter for an administrative assistant.

Simply put, the advantages of cover letters in general are tremendous. As stated earlier, the administrative assistant’s position is very vital in almost all organizations, and this fact significantly dictates that employers and hiring managers alike need to be convinced that the right personnel is recruited for this lofty post. Writing a cover letter therefore enhances the potential employee’s chances to efficiently market himself/ herself.

The cover letter for an administrative assistant should be able to satisfactorily indicate that the potential employee can meet the prospective employer’s expectations such as knowledgeability, reliability and professionalism.

Administrative Assistant Sample Cover Letter

Helen McGuire
Apartment 65 B Nottingham Valley
San Jose, California 94088
Phone: (408) 456 – 1234  Email:


Dorothy Wood
Head of Resourcing
Applegate Ventures
17 St Michael Blvd
San Jose, California 94088

Dear Ms. Wood,
As a perennial enthusiast of Applegate Ventures in its entirety, I am delighted to write to you in response to your advertisement for the position of an Administrative Assistant in your establishment as posted on your weblog since the 1st of January, 2018. My conviction that I can be of massive benefit to your company is expansive.

My belief considerably obtains from the wealth of experience in the Management and Administration profession that I have acquired over the years. Over the past decade, I have been meritoriously engaged in discharging duties of administrative coloration in countless ramifications. In addition, I am academically qualified by virtue of the numerous certifications that I have received, chief of which is a Master’s degree in Secretarial Studies from the renowned University of California, Los Angeles.

The array of testimonials that I have received which detail my attributes and qualities from reputable stakeholders over the years is quite affirmative of the potential value that I can bring to Applegate Ventures if given an opportunity. Most recent of these awards was in recognition of my proficient efforts towards computerizing and digitalizing the processes of database administration as a giant step towards increased productivity.

I am very adept at the prudent use of available resources for the optimal development of an establishment. Also, my interpersonal relationship qualities as well as my ability to multitask are a couple of my skillsets with which I hope to add to Applegate Ventures for lasting growth.

Kindly do not hesitate to contact me whenever the need arises as I would be looking forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,
Helen McGuire.

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