Sample Cover Letter For Attorney/ Lawyer

The relevance of the role of lawyers in the society at large cannot be intelligibly explained enough. Furthermore, the centrality of law as a profession to the smooth-running of all phases of activities in an organization cannot be neglected.

The immense magnitude of the intricacies and/or complexities associated with this revered profession satisfactorily necessitates that getting employed as a lawyer involves painstaking thoroughness on the part of the recruiter, as well as astute initiative from the prospective employee to demonstrate his/her suitability for the position.

An appropriate cover letter for a lawyer must first and foremost adhere to standard principles and general rules of writing such documents. There are numerous tips for writing a noteworthy cover letter for a legal expert. Some of these suggestions include keeping the cover letter brief, succinct, candid and straight to the point. Also, the document ought to be able to significantly indicate the potential employee’s qualities and attributes that stand him/her out from other applicants. This is very important because law as a profession has many sub-fields specializing in advocating, soliciting, prosecuting and advising its clients.

The cover letter provides the aspiring employee a unique medium of highlighting his/her suitability as well as long-term profitability to the organization if employed.The fundamental components of a cover letter for a lawyer include the header, opening paragraph, body, conclusion and complimentary close. An example of such a cover letter which encompasses these features is provided below.

Attorney/ Lawyer Sample Cover Letter

Peter Stanley Harvey
1572 Crenshaw Way
Manhattan, New York 10001
Phone: (718) 135 – 2468 Email:


Anthony Marlow
Executive Recruitment Specialist
Oxford & Burton Law Group
45 Nixon Towers
East Harlem, New York 10035

Dear Mr. Marlow,
As a consummate lawyer with profound experience by virtue of my being directly involved in legal matters for over a decade, I am happy to write to you to indicate my desire to apply for the post of a lawyer as announced on your organization’s website on the 10th of January, 2018.

Having fulfilled all the academic and professional prerequisites expected to be a lawyer as lucidly highlighted in my attached resume, I am also exultant to inform you of my additional qualities which I totally believe stand me in good stead towards filling the vacancy advertised satisfactorily. My knowledge of law is sublime, same as my attentiveness to detail as well as my exemplary negotiation flair. These attributes have earned me countless plaudits and approbation over the years.

If given the privilege to serve as a lawyer at Oxford & Burton Law Group, I would use my resourcefulness, perseverance, initiative, and computer competence to ensure that the ongoing litigation against Kepler Motors Plc. is favorably concluded. And in good time too! This confidence stems from similar cases that I have successfully resolved in the recent past such as in the lawsuit between Oliver Thompson and Northern Star ventures.

I am assuredly positive that the integration of my professional qualifications as well as my experience in the legal milieu would be of great gain to Oxford & Burton Law Group.

I look forward to hearing from you just as I must thank you for your time and anticipated favorable consideration.

Best regards,
Peter S. Harvey.

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