Sample Cover Letter For Babysitter

Simply put, babysitters commonly referred to as nannies are essentially capable professionals who are designated with the responsibility of catering and seeing to the welfare of a child or more in the absence of the parents or guardians. Babysitting could either be on a temporary or full-time basis.

A few examples of the numerous responsibilities associated with babysitting are; helping to put the child/ children through with their academic assignments; supervising the child’s/ children’s activities during playtime and recreation; notifying the parents/ guardians about any issues immediately; as well as occasionally picking up the child/ children from school or appointments when necessary.

Most parents/ guardians have to be at work and are thus unfortunately incapacitated to always be around to oversee the child’s/ children’s affairs. This ordeal can be efficiently addressed through the engagement of babysitters who act as temporary guardians for the wards.

Babysitting is a very delicate occupation due to the fundamental fact that the well-being of the child/ children solely lies on the babysitter, at least for the pre-agreed time duration. It is for this reason among others that a hiring manager has to be painstakingly meticulous and thorough when going through the process of employing a babysitter unto whom the safety and prosperity of the youngsters is thrust.

A cover letter for a potential babysitter therefore has to acceptably demonstrate his/her appropriateness for the job. Some of the qualities expected include tangible experience in handling children as well as the ability to provide valid references. An example of such a cover letter is presented as follows.

Babysitter Sample Cover Letter

Catherine Gomez
156 Crimson Park
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 32220
Phone: (904) 222-1561 Email:


Martha Cameron
Hiring Manager
Family Ties Babysitters
35 N Westwood Alley
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 32220

Dear Mrs. Cameron,

I write you with wholesome pleasure to indicate my profound interest in applying for the post of a babysitter as recently published in the January 2018 edition of your company’s quarterly journal. I am unequivocally sure that I can be a good addition to your company – Family Ties Babysitters.

First and foremost, as a mother with a large family background, catering to the welfare of children is second nature to me. In addition, I have an Associate’s degree in Early Childhood Psychology as patently iterated I my resume. Professionally, I have had the opportunity of serving as a babysitter/ nanny for over six years without shortcomings.

I have a valid driver’s license as well as relevant certificates such as the First Aid and CPR Certifications from the Red Cross Society. I am also open to background checks on me in order to ascertain my suitability for this post. Also, I have over a score valid referees and/or references that ably corroborate my submissions.

I am very passionate about children and this continuously motivates me to see to their welfare and development. My communication skills are impressive, and I have a lot of amiable perseverance to successfully oversee and supervise these youngsters’ activities in the absence of their parents or guardians.

Kindly contact me in order to interact more on this application if and when necessary.

Catherine Gomez.

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