Sample Cover Letter For Bank Teller

Popularly referred to as cashiers, bank tellers refer to individuals whose basic job description involves the receipt and disbursement of money as well as the safekeeping of documents and records of financial transactions.

Bank tellers mostly work in banks and other similar financial institutions performing tasks such as; organize checks, deposit slips and other financial documents; calculate interest rates and appropriate changes; authenticate checks and other transactions; as well as supervise cash supply and ensure that balances are accurate.

Bank tellers besides having reasonable experience are expected to possess key attributes such as good mathematical skills as well as essential computing dexterity. Most of the training for bank tellers is usually on-the-job basis. Notwithstanding, a minimum of a high school diploma, an associate’s degree or even a bachelor’s degree in finance/ accounting-related disciplines is recommended.

According to available data and statistics, the job outlook for bank tellers is on a decline. This fact signifies that getting employed as a cashier would progressively get more difficult in comparison to other professions.

For this basic reason among others is why the prospective bank teller ought to endeavor to use his/her cover letter as a tool to enhance his/her chances of securing the vacant post.
Below is a cover letter sample for a bank teller.

Bank Teller Sample Cover Letter

Gary Holland
14 X Metropolitan Square
Atlanta, Georgia 30253
Phone: (404) 012-0068 Email:


Javier Alberto Morello
Executive Recruitment Officer
Broadway Bank
324 Foxtrot Gardens
Atlanta, Georgia 30301

Dear Mr. Morello,

It is with great delight that I write you to apply for the advertised position of a Bank Teller at the Broadway Bank as posted in the employment section of The Sun Newspaper of January 10, 2018. As an experienced bank teller with over eight years of practical knowledge in the finance sector under my belt, I am very positive that I can be of huge benefit to your bank.

As clearly stated in my resume (attached herewith), I have been privileged to acquire both the theoretical and non-theoretical qualifications needed to conveniently discharge the responsibilities associated with being an effective bank teller. In addition, I have undergone various relevant certification tests and licensing evaluations in order to consolidate my knowledge base. A good example of this is the National Certified Bank Teller examination which is directed by the well-known Institute of Certified Bankers.

Also, the ample commendations that I have received from my various supervisors over the years remarkably underscore my contributive potentials to the growth of the organizations that I have worked in. for instance, during my tenure as Senior Cashier at MetroBank Plc., I was able to consistently and accurately oversee a regional record-breaking average of 20 financial transactions per hour with 100% success rates.

My attention to detail is outstanding, while my communication, organizational, time management and problem-resolution acuity is impressive. In conclusion, I am highly confident that I can be a vital asset to Broadway Bank if given the opportunity.

I will be looking forward to engaging in more discussions with you at length.

Best regards,
Gary Holland.

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