Sample Cover Letter For Biologist

Biologists are professionals whose elementary duty is to investigate the fundamental concepts and theories of both plant and animal life. They are basically charged with exploring the origination, structure, composition as well as functions of a multitude of organisms. In addition, they study, gather, collate and analyze both empirical and theoretical evidence in order to determine and discover grand-breaking hypotheses for sustainable prosperity.

The immense magnitude and complexity of living things is primarily responsible for the various subfields in this profession. For instance, there are human biologists, wildlife biologists, microbiologists and environmental biologists/ ecologists.

The importance of biologists in our societies is overwhelming. From helping us to better comprehend the nature around us and its underlying benefits, biologists significantly assist us to identify, sustain and/or resolve issues relating to our health and well-being.

A biologist’s cover letter should emphatically state his/her area of expertise as well as why he/she believes that he/she is the best candidate for the job. The academic and professional qualifications obtained as well as the relevant experience amassed by the prospective biologist’s cover should also be unambiguously presented biologist’s cover letter should be brief, straightforward and devoid of inconsistencies. The outline, organization and structure of this document should also comply with acceptable norms.

A good example of such a cover letter is given below.

Biologist Sample Cover Letter

Jane McPherson
11 B Healing Springs Drive
Roanoke, Virginia 24002
Phone: (840) 999-2121 Email:


Stephen Anderson
Head of Talent Acquisition
Integrated Taxonomic Specialists
12 E Blue Light District
Roanoke, Virginia 24002

Dear Mr. Anderson,

As a very keen and passionate follower of the massive contributions of Integrated Taxonomic Specialists to the society at large, I am overjoyed to inform you of my willingness to apply for the post of a biologist. This is in response to the advertisement announced on your company’s website on the 10th of January, 2018.

My zeal for researching into the origins and structures of living organisms in general and aquatic life in particular has propelled me over the years to obtain the necessary academic/ professional knowledge as summarily highlighted in my resume. Furthermore, I have been significantly opportune to engaging in projects in different related fields of biology as an occupation.

The invaluable experiences gained in the practice of this noble profession over the years greatly convinces me of the fact that I can be of phenomenal value to your organization. As an undying enthusiast of the achievements of Integrated Taxonomic Specialists, I am well aware of some on-going projects such as the research into the effect of reduced salinity on microscopic aquatic life. This is to a great deal similar to my previous tasks wherein I successfully investigated the effects of increased acidity and alkalinity on marine wildlife.

It would be an immense pleasure to help to contribute to the increased prosperity of your organization through the input of my attributes and knowledge of this profession. Please, do not hesitate to contact me for further deliberations as regards my application.

Many thanks for your time.

Warm regards,
Jane McPherson.

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