Sample Cover Letter For Business Analyst

Business Analysts otherwise known as Business Systems Analysts or Business Project Managers refer to those professionals saddled with job responsibilities such as; contriving, organizing and administering of business schemes and outlines for specific tasks; scheduling and managing correspondences amongst relevant stakeholders in order to keep them apprised of the latest developments; examining available business inclinations in order to discover the most productive utility and approach; as well as modifying and developing practicable methodologies for business growth.

Business Analysts are known to work in a number of industries and parastatals such as insurance, government, manufacturing, finance and agriculture.
The diversity of the fields wherein a business analyst can be employed highlights the essential need for the prospective employee to satisfactorily tailor his/her cover letter to correspond with the specific demands of the job in question.

When writing an acceptable cover letter, the onus is on the aspiring employee to indicate his/her suitability to efficiently fill the vacancy. This can be achieved through succinctly stipulating his/her qualifications and experiences. Besides academic certifications, the minimum of which should be a bachelor’s degree, the potential employee is expected to have a reasonable amount of relevant work experience.

Furthermore, the prospective employee ought to be able to use the cover letter to signify what contributions he/she can make to the organization if employed.
A sample of a cover letter for a business analyst is given below.

Business Analyst Sample Cover Letter

Margaret Clark
75 E Maplewood Terrace
West Springfield, Massachusetts 01090
Phone: (617) 321-5678 Email:


Elizabeth Nancy Johnson
Head of Recruitment
Donegal Insurance Group
55 S Memorial Square
West Springfield, Massachusetts 01090

Dear Mrs. Johnson,

I came across your advertisement for a Business Analyst job opening at Donegal Insurance Group in the vacancy section of the company’s website on the 10th of January, 2018 and would consequently like to use this medium to show my desire to fill the position. I am urged to do this given my academic qualifications and work experiences which I believe place me on a good pedestal to efficiently carry out the responsibilities associated with this post.

As my resume summarily acknowledges, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the prestigious Harvard Business School which enormously added to my knowledge base as regards this profession. Additionally, having worked in various capacities in the field of business analyses and affiliated positions over the years, I have gained considerable practical expertise in handling the demands of the job.

My sojourn in business analyses as an area of specialization has profusely availed me unique avenues to immensely develop and contribute to this profession as well as the wider community. For example, during my successful stint at Dexter Insurance Plc., I was able to profitably propose, design and implement computer-generated structures and business plans to help in reducing production costs, while simultaneously increasing output such that he net profit soared by an average value of 10%.

I have astute research and fact-finding abilities as well as outstanding computer mastery. Also, my problem resolution skills are exemplary. I am exceedingly convinced that my addition to Donegal Insurance Group would witness a period of sustainable development and flourishing advancement.

I will be looking forward to furthering our discussion on any salient issues accordingly.

Best wishes,
Margaret Clark.

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