Sample Cover Letter For Call Center Representative

Call center representatives otherwise known as communication specialists or communication representatives refer to the category of professionals whose essential duties/ responsibilities involve receiving incoming calls from both existing and also prospective customers. They are occasionally tasked with the responsibility of making follow-up calls in order to either canvass clients for increased patronage or to address any prevalent issues. In addition, call center representatives are also expected to carry out fundamental maintenance services of the customers’ records.

Communication specialists are often required to possess at least an associate’s degree or preferably a bachelor’s degree in relevant fields. Additionally, having pertinent skills and qualities such as astute verbal and non-verbal communication attributes; outstanding professionalism; perseverance; and orderliness is indispensable.

Call center representatives can work efficiently in a myriad of industries. They can fit in in such fields as hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare as well as telecommunications and general service provision.

When writing a cover letter for a call center representative, it is essential that the potential employee takes cognizance of features such as an intriguing opening paragraph; a compelling body as well as an ardent conclusion and complimentary close. All of these must be as well-knit and succinct as reasonably possible. An example is provided thus;

Call Center Representative Sample Cover Letter

Rebecca Moss
123 St Patrick Crescent
Chicago, Illinois 60007
Phone: (773) 010-0123 Email:


Eddie Walker
Head of Recruitment
Datacom Global Services
300 N Almond Grove
West Chicago, Illinois 60185

Dear Mr. Walker,

In response to your advert for the position of a call center representative at Datacom Global Services which was placed on the 20th of January, 2018 on your company’s website, I hereby wish to indicate my interest in applying for the post. I am a proven professional with spades of experience as a call center representative.

As distinctly stated in my attached resume, I have obtained the necessary academic and professional qualifications required to satisfactorily function effectively as a call center representative at Datacom Global Services. Additionally, my work experience over the last five years has honed my level of expertise in this profession. I have been tasked with various responsibilities like dutifully managing extensive amounts of incoming and outgoing phone calls as well as ensuring that records of all interactions are properly documented and stored.

My diligence and astute communication skills have enabled me to discharge my responsibilities with dispatch over the years; thereby earning me a number of accolades and commendations from my superiors. My referees would be happy to inform you of how my impeccable professionalism and time management ability has steadily paved the way for optimized productivity in all the capacities that I have been privileged to work in. These values are but only a few of what I am potentially capable of contributing to Datacom Global Services if positively considered.

Thank you in anticipation of a positive feedback as I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind wishes,
Rebecca Moss.

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