Sample Cover Letter For Chemical Engineer

Chemical engineering is a unique field of engineering that is fundamentally saddled with the process of applying elements of material science as well as other relevant sciences in a bid to efficiently maximize the utility of matter and energy. Other job titles for chemical engineers include process engineers, biochemical engineers, pharmaceutical engineers as well as thermodynamic engineers. These professionals can effectively work as energy managers, quality supervisors, analytical chemists and manufacturing engineers among other roles in areas like medicine, aviation, manufacturing, agriculture and food production/ preservation.

It requires obtaining at least a bachelor’s degree or sometimes master’s or doctorate degrees in some cases to be a chemical engineer. Additional licensure from reputable professional agencies/ organizations may also be necessary. In addition to the above-mentioned academic and professional prerequisites, possession of key qualities like critical thinking faculty, problem resolution prowess as well as profound knowledgeability of mathematics and the fundamental sciences are imperative.

The job outlook for chemical engineers is low according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. This therefore suggests that getting employed as a chemical engineer could be a Herculean task. It is thus reasonably becoming that a prospective applicant enhances his/her chances through harnessing the benefits of using a cover letter.

A sample of a well-laid-out cover letter for a chemical engineer is as follows;

Chemical Engineer Sample Cover Letter

Sierra Ivy McKenzie
150 August Lane
Shreveport, Louisiana 71101
Phone: (318) 322-0428 Email:


Paul Foster
Resourcing & Recruitment Manager
Wethersfield Chemical Corporation
17 Pilgrim Park Road
New Orleans, Louisiana 70032

Dear Mr. Foster,

Sequel to your advertisement for the post of a chemical engineer at Wethersfield Chemical Corporation in the company’s quarterly magazine published on January 20, 2018, I hereby would like to seize this platform to signify my interest for the position. I am an accomplished chemical engineer who has been in this enviable field of engineering for over a decade. I am tremendously optimistic that I can be an invaluable addition to your company.

My resume summarily outlines and highlights my academic qualifications and professional accreditations as well as my employment history and work experiences. For the sake of emphasis, some of my previous job descriptions and responsibilities include carrying out researches to identify new and enhanced production methods as well as administering tests and evaluation routines on production processes in order to determine performance indices as appropriate.

Indeed, I am in the know about the challenges presently being faced in Wethersfield Chemical Corporation’s ongoing project on the development of thermo-fluid processes to generate chemical energy from molten matter. I can confidently assure you that with me being on the team, a lot of progress would be made in this task and henceforth. This is a truism by virtue of the fact that I have been considerably involved in comparable assignments in the recent past with successful results.

Kindly feel free to contact me so that we could deliberate more on any pressing matters as regards my application.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Sierra Ivy McKenzie.

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