Sample Cover Letter For Computer Technician

A computer technician also known as a PC repair technician is that individual who specializes in the identification, troubleshooting and subsequent resolution of computer-related issues. The job responsibilities of these professionals range from hardware installation and software configuration to maintenance of computers and their associated peripherals. Computer technicians are also tasked with correction of technical faults as well as the outright overhaul of computer systems and their affiliated networks.

By virtue of the exponential and meteoric increase in the use of computers for various purposes in contemporary times, the importance of computer technicians in preventing and fixing computer issues if and when they occur as well as carrying out routine maintenance checks cannot be wished away.

The escalation in computerization of processes as indicated above aptly suggests that computer technicians are employable in almost all circles and industries. These specialists can work in fields such as healthcare, tourism, agriculture, telecommunications, automobile and general manufacturing amongst others.

Given the multitude of areas wherein a computer technician can work, it behooves the potential employee to try as much as reasonably possible to put his/her best foot forward when submitting an application.
This can be achieved by making use of cover letter; and an example is presented below.

Computer Technician Sample Cover Letter

Marcus Hartmann
45 Cambridge Blvd
Phoenix, Arizona 85001
Phone: (602) 287-1612 Email:


Jonathan Cobb
Director of Talent Acquisition
Blackwell Computer Services
250 Goldfield Road
Phoenix, Arizona 85001

Dear Mr. Cobb,

As a diehard admirer of Blackwell Computer Services, I am glad to write to you to inform you of my desire to apply for the vacant post of a computer technician as recently advertised by you in your January 2018 issue of your company’s monthly bulletin. I am massively confident that I can be a good fit in your company.

My conviction stems essentially from my acquisition of relevant academic and professional certifications in relevant disciplines as contained in my resume. I have been a professional computer technician for over a decade at a number of respectable organizations wherein I have amassed significant work experiences. A few highlights of my previous job duties include the updating and configuration of computer hardware and software systems as well as evaluating computer system performances and fixing problems accordingly.

I am aware of the giant steps that have been taken by Blackwell Computer Services in the past; and I am also well-informed about the current dearth of experienced computer technicians at your company. With my knowledgeability and exposure in the field of computer repair technologies, I am sure that my addition to your company would be a mutually beneficial one.

I am highly result-oriented and my comprehension of computer technology and its associated intricacies is sublime. I would relish the opportunity to meet with you in order to have a more in-depth discussion about my application.

Thank you very much for your time.

Warm regards,
Marcus Hartmann.

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