Sample Cover Letter For Corporate Trainer

Simply put, corporate trainers also known as training and development specialists refer to the category of specialists whose major responsibilities involve carrying out systematic professional development schemes aimed at educating employees for personal and collective growth. The fundamental duty of corporate trainers is to ensure that the employees acquire the knowledge and/or expertise required to satisfactorily perform a particular task. This is geared towards improving the efficiency and output of an organization.

Corporate trainers are essentially concentrated on the transmission and/or propagation of knowledge for the purpose of enhancing competence and aptitude appropriately.

The importance of corporate trainers in businesses and organizations cannot be overemphasized. These set of professionals help in no little way to increase productivity, resolve conflicts, and enhance motivation as well as to address situations pertaining to resource and/or personnel management. Some job responsibilities of corporate trainers include; evaluation/ assessment of the trainees in order to determine the progress made (if any); organizing training sessions in order to impart knowledge on the trainees; as well as creating and/or modifying the tools and methods of instruction such that overall efficiencies are improved.

By and large, corporate trainers can work in practically any industry by virtue of their pivotal role to personal and organizational development.

A well-drafted sample of a corporate trainer’s cover letter is produced below.

Corporate Trainer Sample Cover Letter

Luann Perry
3873 Prudence Street
Southfield, Michigan 48075
Phone: (248) 026-4618 Email:


Nathan Johnson
Resourcing Business Partner
Global Competence Group
5100 Maple Street
Irvine, California 92664

Dear Mr. Johnson,
I am pleased to use this medium to indicate my interest in applying for the vacant position of corporate trainer at Global Competence Group as recently advertised by you on your social media page on the 25th of January, 2018. I am an accomplished corporate trainer who has been practicing for the past eleven years.

My educational and professional qualifications are unambiguously stated in my resume which I have taken the discretion of attaching herewith. Over the course of my career, I have diligently discharged the responsibilities expected of me. Some of these tasks include; evaluating trainees’ progress; designing and developing models and approaches in order to achieve greater knowledge dissemination; as well as supervising the training programs and sessions of an array of staff.

I am adept at creating instructional aid needed to ensure that the trainees gain the necessary knowledge needed to equip them vibrantly in performing their job duties. My use of computer aided designs as well as other multimedia has been consistently commended by my former supervisors and employers. This is largely due to the fact that making use of these technologies goes a very long way in enhancing the teaching-learning process.

I am vastly convinced that if given an opportunity, I can contribute abundantly to the development of Global Competence Group. I will be looking forward to hearing from you for further discussions.

Thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely,
Luann Perry.

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