Sample Cover Letter For Criminal Investigator

The prevalence and rise of crime in contemporary times is both alarming and appalling to say the least; while the continuous contravention and infraction of laws have become a daily occurrence, and safety of lives and property is critically undermined. These reasons among others significantly necessitate the need for criminal investigators in today’s world. The importance/ relevance of criminal investigators is unquestionable. These specialists, widely referred to as detectives are saddled with the responsibility of making use of science and technology to inspect and investigate available facts in order to determine the guilt or innocence of an accused person.

Some criminal investigator’s job duties/ responsibilities are; inspecting past records in order to identify similarities and connections with present cases; establishing liaisons with informants as well as relevant law enforcement agencies; preparing detailed reports of his/her discoveries; empirically examining evidence gathered; as well as interviewing suspects and witnesses in order to verify various claims and submissions/ omissions.

Criminal investigators are expected to have solid academic backgrounds in relevant disciplines like law, criminology or forensic sciences. In addition, it is often required that the aspiring criminal investigator acquire essential law enforcement training as well as obtaining relevant licenses as stipulated by law. Besides these educational and professional qualifications however, a criminal investigator ought to possess characteristics such as outstanding attention to detail; sound judgment and decision-making attributes as well as excellent communication and interpersonal relationship qualities.

Below is a cover letter sample for a criminal investigator.

Criminal Investigator Sample Cover Letter

Thomas Walters
2935 Mutton Town Road
Marysville, Washington 98270
Phone: (360) 329-9288 Email:


Sandra Wolfe
Principal Recruitment Specialist
A & B Security Consultants
4901 Beech Street
San Jose, California 95131

Dear Mrs. Wolfe,

Being a strong adherent of A & B Security Consultants, I am especially delighted to write to you to inform you of my desire to apply for the post of criminal investigator in your organization as published on your company’s website on the 25th of January, 2018. I strongly believe that I am the right candidate for the job.

My belief derives mainly from my experience in this profession as well as my educational and professional grounding. A succinct description of the latter has been documented in my attached resume. In other words, besides being a holder of a bachelor’s degree in criminology, I have also been privileged to work in different capacities as a criminal investigator for much of a decade. Some of my former job responsibilities include interviewing a wide spectrum of individuals in order to gather and verify facts, as well as carrying out of forensic laboratory tests in order to solve crimes.

I have a myriad of referees who will gladly attest to my professionalism, integrity, diligence and equitability. My attention to detail is outstanding; likewise my perseverance, resourcefulness and result-oriented inclination.

I have no doubt that my addition to A & B Security Consultants would be a very mutually-rewarding undertaking. Kindly contact me in order for us to discuss my application further.

Thank you for your attention.

Best regards,
Thomas Walters.

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