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Sample Cover Letter For Customer Service Representative

Sometimes termed customer service managers, customer service advisor, customer service coordinators or plainly service specialists, customer service representatives refer to that body of professionals whose primary duty involves interacting with both new and current customers and/or clients in order to address their inquiries as regards a company or organization accordingly. The detailed job description for customer service representatives is very dependent on the industry of operation.

In other words, these professionals are capable of working in different sectors such as finance, telecommunications, hospitality and transportation among others. This diversity entails that the duties of the customer service representatives vary correspondingly.

In addition to possessing the relevant academic qualifications, professional certifications and passing appropriate licensing and evaluation curriculum, customer service representatives are also expected to have pivotal attributes and qualities such as patience, good interpersonal relationship skills, vibrant communication skills as well as remarkable problem-resolution acumen.

An acceptable cover letter for a potential employee is recommended to be concise; devoid of typographical, vocabulary, grammatical and/or syntax errors; straightforward; as well as relevant to the vacancy in question. Furthermore, the document should be able to satisfactorily persuade and compel the prospective hiring manager to favorably consider the applicant. A sample is given below as follows;

Customer Service Representative Sample Cover Letter

Renee Anna Estrada
3620 Prospect Avenue
Eagle Lake, Minnesota 56024
Phone: (507) 586-8057 Email:


Justin Little
Head of Resourcing
Bluebird Shipping Company
99 W Bowman Park
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404

Dear Mr. Little,

In view of your call for applications from eligible candidates to vie for the vacant position of a customer service representative at Bluebird Shipping Company as put on your company’s weblog on the 20th of January, 2018, I am delighted to submit my application for the post. I am buoyed to do this owing basically to my passion and knowledgeability about the nitty-gritty of customer service representation as a profession.

My resume (attached herewith) explicitly details my academic qualifications which include an Associate’s degree in Communication Arts from the prestigious Albert Clancy College of Business and Communication, Eagle Lake, Minnesota. Furthermore, my on-the-job experiences have helped a great deal in perfecting my skillset. For instance, I have been tasked with responsibilities such as generating marketing leads as well as establishing liaisons amongst various customers over the years.

My former employment records are a good basis of demonstrating my potentials to be an asset to whichever establishment I work in. I am very proficient at negotiations, resolving disputes and paying attention to detail whilst maintaining a positive demeanor and exhibiting utmost professionalism. These qualities have been recognized, appreciated and acknowledged over the years by many players in this industry.

I am certain that if I am employed as a customer service representative at Bluebird Shipping Company, your outfit would witness a period of unparalleled growth.

I would be looking forward to hearing from you for further discussions in earnest.

Best regards,
Renee Anna Estrada.

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