Sample Cover Letter For Dental Assistant

With a projected growth of 19% between 2016 and 2026 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, ‘Dental Assistant’ as a profession is expected to expand much faster than average. This submission begs the question, ‘Who are Dental Assistants?’. Dental assistants can be summarily described as those specialists whose primary responsibility involves lending support to the main dental operator. These professionals perform a wide range of duties such as planning and organizing appointments; keeping the records of patients; as well as preparing the patients for their dental procedures as necessary. Dental assistants are also charged with the responsibility of attending to matters involving billing and payment plans.

The job requirements for dental assistants vary subtly from state to state. Nevertheless, it is generally required that the would-be dental assistant obtains certification from a Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) – recognized course or curriculum. Dental assistants are also expected to display profound professionalism as well as exhibit stellar qualities such as great interpersonal and communication skills; spectacular record keeping and organizational finesse; as well as outstanding attention to detail.

Majority of dental assistants work in dentists’ offices; while the remaining minority works in government and physicians’ offices. Writing a cover letter for a dental assistant seeking for employment requires appreciable diligence and conformity to widely-acclaimed standards.

An example is given below as follows;

Dental Assistant Sample Cover Letter

Charles Albert Lee
3361 Philadelphia Avenue
Belle Center, Ohio 43310
Phone: (419) 426-9586 Email:


Margaret Simms
Recruitment Director
Delta Dental Inc.
4758 Doughnut Drive
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53205

Dear Mrs. Simms,

Consequent to your announcement as regards the vacancy for the post of a dental assistant at Delta Dental Inc., I hereby wish to inform you of my interest in the position. I am a seasoned dental assistant with over a decade of practice, and I am highly self-confident that I can be an invaluable asset to your company.

Details of my educational and professional qualifications are explicitly highlighted in my attached resume. My previous employment history and positions held are also included. Over the years, I have been tasked with such responsibilities as management of patients’ appointments; preparation of patients in readiness for their procedures; ensuring that the necessary items of equipment are available; as well as safekeeping of the patients’ records amongst other duties.

My referees would readily ascertain that I possess profound qualities that are beneficial to the practice of this profession. Such qualities include diligence, great communication skills, impressive analytical, observational and organizational acumen, as well as unsuppressed compassion. These attributes are definitely going to be advantageous to Delta dental Inc., especially in view of the fact that the projected exponential growth in your clientele and/or patient-base would necessitate the need for a capable dental assistant.

Please, do not be reluctant to contact me for further discussions with respect to my application.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

Warm wishes,
Charles Albert Lee.

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