Sample Cover Letter For Early Childhood Teacher

Early childhood education simply refers to the tutelage of young children usually from the ages of 3 to 8. This period of education has been generally categorized as comprising of both the preschool as well as some grades of elementary education levels wherein the child(ren)’s developmental domains such as physical, language, socio-emotional and cognitive skills are honed.

The professionals who are tasked with these are referred to as early childhood teachers. Some of the other responsibilities of these individuals include; overseeing the children’s fundamental needs; organizing activities geared at promoting socio-physical and academic growth; liaising with the parents/ guardians and relevant specialists in order to identify necessary needs; as well as assessing and keeping records of evaluation procedures.

A solid educational foundation goes a very long way for children in achieving their full potentials. For this reason especially, it is of monumental importance that the appropriate personnel be always employed by the recruiter to cater for these vital needs.

Early childhood teachers are popularly known to work at child day care services; religious and/or civic organizations; and also elementary schools as well as private individual services. Employment chances for early childhood teachers are aided with the use of cover letters, as noticeable with many other professions of note.

A notable sample cover letter for an early childhood teacher is provided below as follows;

Early Childhood Teacher Sample Cover Letter

Elizabeth Pepper
2905 Grant Street
Soldier, Kentucky 41173
(270) 006 – 3408


William Ashley Martin
Recruitment & Assessment Specialist
Building Blocks Daycare
777 McKinley Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80014

Dear Mr. Martin,

In response to your advert placed on the 5th of February, 2018, in the employment section of your company’s monthly bulletin as regards the vacancy for the post of a preschool teacher at Building Blocks Daycare, I hereby write to you to signify my interest in the position. I am a long-standing early childhood teacher with ample experience and qualities that reassure me that I can be invaluable to your organization.

My resume (attached herewith) comprehensively details my educational background as well as work which history which generally involved catering to the welfare of children between the ages of 3 and 5 over the past 5 years. I am also generally competent at conceptualizing and administering playgroup activities that are designed to enhance the academic, physical and socio-emotional development of the young pupils.

All through my years of practicing this revered profession, I have received a plethora of commendations and accolades in recognition of my work ethic. I am also open to further background checks on me in order to validate my submissions.
As a result of the projected increase in the volume of children’s enrolment at Building Blocks Daycare, I am of the strong belief that the need for a diligent and experienced early childhood teacher would be paramount.

I will be looking forward to meeting with you in order to shed more light on any pertinent issues as regards my application.

Many thanks for your attention.

Elizabeth Pepper.

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