Sample Cover Letter For Editor

Editors simply refer to the specialists/ professionals whose jobs predominantly revolve around performing various tasks such as formatting, revising and organizing the material content of a manuscript before the final broadcast or publication.

The importance of editors in the general scheme of publishing cannot be buttressed enough. Besides ensuring that the final output is of good quality, they are also involved in such duties as verification of facts, references and data for correctness before publishing; amendment of errors and blunders; attending to issues pertaining to copyright permissions; as well as liaising and coordinating with relevant stakeholders if and when necessary and as and when due.
Editors can work in a myriad of environments such as newspaper publishing presses; book publishing companies; religious, civic and professional organizations as well as being self-employed.

Getting employed as an editor is a very challenging process in contemporary times. This fact can be attributed to the decline in the job projection for the profession as well as the corresponding increase in the competition for available spaces.

To increase his/her chances of being successfully employed as an editor, the prospective candidate is enjoined to make use of cover letters such as the sample provided below when presenting his/her application.

Editor Sample Cover Letter

Dorothy Vasquez
2943 Palmer Street
Union Point, Georgia 30669
(706) 318 – 9457


Richard Lance
Director of Employment & Recruiting
Sigma Publishing Company
2001 Garland Avenue
Rogersville, Pennsylvania 15359

Dear Mr. Lance,

It is with great delight that I use this medium to communicate my willingness to apply for the post of an editor at Sigma Publishing Company as recently announced on your company’s social media platform on the 5th of February, 2018. My joy in submitting this application is borne not only out of the fact that I have been a long-time admirer of your company, but also due to the belief that I can be of great value to your organization.

This conviction stems from my possession of relevant and credible academic qualifications in addition to my bountiful experience in carrying out editorial works as succinctly documented in my attached resume. For the past 10+ years, I have been tasked with carrying out various forms of editing responsibilities such as formatting, indexing, referencing, proofreading and typesetting; and I am happy to inform you that I have always discharged my duties with impeccable professionalism and zeal.

I can provide a good number of high-standing referees that can attest to my unblemished work ethic and thoroughness in undertaking the assignments allocated to me. Furthermore, with Sigma Publishing Company’s recent acquisition of Globe Printing Press, the need for a proven editor is undeniable, and I am confident that I can be a huge asset to your company if given the opportunity.

I will be anticipating meeting with you at your convenience in order to interact more about my application.

Thank you very much for your time.

Best regards,
Dorothy Vasquez.

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