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An electrician is a professional whose primary area of specialization involves the installation of new electrical systems and networks; the maintenance of existing electrical fittings and units; as well as the repair of faulty and defective gadgets and appliances. Other examples of job duties undertaken by electricians include; examination and troubleshooting of electrical equipment; running diagnostics on electrical apparatuses; designing electrical layouts; interpreting technical information and manuals; as well as planning and supervising electrical-related activities.

The work environments for electricians vary in accordance to the specifics of the job at hand. However, a large percentage of electricians work in electrical contracting companies, while the others are mainly self-employed or work in manufacturing firms and also in government.

To become an electrician, it is imperative that the prospective individual obtains a minimum of a high school diploma or its equivalent, followed by attending an apprenticeship program in a technical school. In addition to the classroom pedagogy, the aspiring electrician is also subjected to a reasonable duration of on-the-job training in order to receive practical experience and know-how.

The submission of a cover letter along with the resume when applying for employment as an electrician is a very advantageous endeavor; and this is capable of enhancing the potential employee’s chances of getting duly employed.
Below is a well-crafted sample of a cover letter for an electrician.

Electrician Sample Cover Letter

Ivan Thomas Darden
2168 Conference Center Way
Great Falls, Virginia 22066
(434) 360 – 6283


Susan Bruce
Technical Recruiter
Boyer & Bloom Electrical Services
5718 Maud Street
Smyrna, Delaware 19977

Dear Mrs. Bruce,

Sequel to your recent call for applications for the position of a senior electrician at Boyer & Bloom Electrical Services on the 5th of February, 2018, I am glad to use this avenue to indicate my interest in applying for the position. I am a technically proficient electrician with over 2 decades of work experience at various levels of electrical works under my belt; and I am positive that my addition to your company would be mutually beneficial.

As clearly stated in my resume (to which this letter is attached), I have satisfactorily undergone all the educational prerequisites demanded of me. This is also in addition to my being privileged to have learned on-the-job; as well as acquire practical job experience.

I am aware of Boyer & Bloom electrical Services’ ongoing negotiations towards carrying out electrical works at the Hayden Towers, Smyrna, Delaware. Such a project of this magnitude inevitably requires the presence of an accomplished electrician for supervision purposes amongst other duties. My references would be pleased to inform you that my forte lies in the installation and troubleshooting of electrical fittings, circuitry and communication systems which I carry out with utmost diligence, dexterity and timeliness.

With my expertise in electrical-related subjects, as well as my personal attributes such as outstanding problem-solving and decision-making skills, I am sure that I can be an asset to Boyer & Bloom Electrical Services.

Kindly do not hesitate to contact me for further discussions with respect to my application.

Thank you for your patience.

Best wishes,
Ivan Thomas Darden.

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