Sample Cover Letter For English Teacher

As the job title typically connotes, English teachers essentially refer to that category of language educators whose primary duty is to instruct and teach the students the principles of English as a language so that the tutees can have better understandings in both the verbal and non-verbal use of English.

Other job duties associated with the teaching of English as a profession include; creating and sustaining and appropriate teaching-learning atmosphere; developing teaching approaches that ensure that the standard syllabuses are complied with; assessment of the students’ efforts; as well as recording and safekeeping the results of such performances.

English teachers are most often than not employed in either middle schools or high schools. They are also recruited in post-secondary educational institutions and colleges.

The most salient qualities and attributes expected from a teacher, and an English one in particular include tremendous written and oral communication skills needed to effectively disseminate the curriculum; outstanding listening skills; spectacular organizational expertise; unbridled patience and perseverance; as well as a remarkable and in-depth knowledge of English language and its associated technicalities.

A potential candidate applying for employment as an English language teacher has to convincingly demonstrate his/her expertise, competence and suitability for the position. Making use if cover letters is a good way to achieve this, and an adequate example is provided below thus;

English Teacher Sample Cover Letter

Judith Abbott
3931 Dodgeville Road
Golden Valley, Minnesota 55427
(218) 788 – 8816


Victoria Mortenson
Recruiting & Sourcing Coordinator
Stoneridge Memorial High School
4513 Shinn Avenue
Hammond, Louisiana 70401

Dear Ms. Mortenson,

I am pleased to seize this opportunity to convey to you my desire to apply for the position of an English language teacher at Stoneridge Memorial High School as recently published in the school’s monthly bulletin of February, 2018. As a motivated English teacher with over a decade’s worth of experience in teaching English language to high school students in particular, I am convinced that I can be of immense benefit to your outfit.

I have taken the privilege of attaching my resume along with this synopsis; and the former summarily showcases my educational certifications and work history among other significant pieces of information such as duties carried out which include generally helping high school students of different grades to have a better comprehension of the various underlying aspects of English as language such as spelling, punctuation, pronunciation and structure.

I have been consistently commended for my dutiful efforts by all and sundry over the course of my career, and I am positive that if employed at Stoneridge Memorial High School as an English language teacher, such plaudits would keep accumulating as I am well versed in both the understanding of the technicalities of English language, as well as the ability to disseminate such knowledge effectively.

Feel free to reach out to me so that we can arrange to meet and thereby further our conversations as regards my application.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

Kind wishes,
Judith Abbott.

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