Sample Cover Letter For Financial Analyst

With related job titles like investment analysts, money market analysts; securities analysts and corporate investment consultants, a financial analyst is a professional whose fundamental duties involve performing monetary examinations for a wide array of clients in order to offer constructive guidance for business and investment purposes. In addition, a financial analyst is also charged with such responsibilities as; assessing financial trends and subsequently proposing best-value opinions; evaluating the client’s financial strength; as well as preparing detailed reports about his/her recommendations.

As a probable result of the continued industrialization in these inherent times, the job outlook for financial analysts is at a rate much faster than average. This is evident in the 2016 to 2026 projection by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics which posits that the job outlook for this period is at a value of 11%. Financial analysts can work in different environments. These versatile money market analysts are employable in industries such as insurance; banking and finance; manufacturing; as well as other professional and technical services.

The importance of these specialists in business and financial management is colossal. Financial analysts suggest different practicable ideas that within the budgetary frameworks of the available resources. A good way for a potential employee to improve on his/her chances of getting employed is through the use of cover letters; and a suitable example is given below as follows.

Financial Analyst Sample Cover Letter

Valerie Cambria
3553 Whitetail Lane
Camel Bluffs, Iowa 51502
(212) 521 – 4393


Iris Christina Brent
Head of Recruitment
Stewart Financial Corp
1730 Jones Street
Watauga, Texas 76148

Dear Mrs. Brent,

In view of your announcement with respect to the call for eligible applications for the post of a financial analyst at Stewart Financial Corp as posted on your company’s social media outlet on the 5th of February, 2018, I am glad to by the use of this means indicate my desire in applying for the position. As an accomplished financial analyst with over five years of work experience, I am positive that I can be of massive benefit to your organization.

My attached resume succinctly details my academic qualifications and previous employment history which collectively equips me with the relevant tools to efficiently perform the responsibilities attached to financial analyses as a profession. I am well-versed in carrying out such duties as assessing financial statements; examining business trends; as well as proposing investment ideas to a multitude of clients.

By virtue of the recent proliferation in the client-base of Stewart Financial Corp, I am urged to believe that the employment of a reputable financial analyst with a solid background in the profession is essential. If given the opportunity to serve as a financial analyst in your company, I am confident that I would contribute meaningfully to the advancement of your productivity levels.

Please, do not hesitate to reach out to me at your convenience in order to schedule a meeting with you so as to further discuss about my application.

Many thanks for your time and patience.

Warm regards,
Valerie Cambria.

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