Sample Cover Letter For Flight Attendant

Flight attendants are professionals who generally see to the welfare of passengers aboard a flight and routinely render services geared towards making the passengers’ journey as comfortable as reasonably possible. Flight attendants carry out such tasks as responding to the passengers’ questions about flight-related issues; demonstrating the use of emergency items of equipment like seat belts and oxygen masks; serving food and beverages to the passengers as appropriate; as well as administering first aid procedures to passengers if and when necessary.

Flight attendants are usually expected to possess high school diplomas or equivalent qualifications as well as adequate on-the-job training and also Federal Aviation Administration Certification. In addition, essential attributes like excellent communication skills; outstanding attention to detail; spectacular decision-making qualities; patience and perseverance are required of a flight attendant.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the job outlook for flight attendants between the period of 2016 and 2026 is a 10% growth rate which is considerably faster than average. However, the job prospects are expected to be significantly slim due primarily to the fact that most airlines are replacing their smaller airplanes with bigger crafts that can convey more passengers which subsequently reduces the number of flight attendants needed.

The strong competition for available job openings for flight attendants can be circumvented through the use of cover letters. A suitable example of such is given as follows.

Flight Attendant Sample Cover Letter

Josephine Stowe
5580 Willison Blvd
Golden Valley, Minnesota 55427
(651) 050 – 1362


Barbara Maria Wang
Recruitment Operations Manager
Omega Airlines
5322 Myra Street
West Warwick, Rhode Island 02893

Dear Mrs. Wang,

In response to your call for applications for the position of a flight attendant at Omega Airlines as announced on the back page of The Herald Newspaper of the 5th of February, 2018, I hereby wish to use this medium to indicate my interest in the post. I am a proven flight attendant who has been in the industry for over five years.

I have taken the discretion of attaching my resume herewith; and it contains a detailed presentation of my work history and academic qualifications. Over the course of my career, I have been saddled with the discharge of such duties as; carrying out preflight appraisal of safety equipment; demonstrating the usage of emergency utilities to the passengers; serving meals and beverages to the passengers; as well as rendering medical assistance to the passengers if and when necessary.

My stint as a flight attendant has been flawless and hugely successful as evident in the multitude of recommendations received by me in the past. In view of Omega Airlines’ proposed expansion in scope of operation, it is apparent that more noteworthy personnel would be needed and I am convinced that I can be a very advantageous addition to your company. I have profound communication and interpersonal relationship qualities, and I also possess excellent ingenuity and resourcefulness.

Kindly do not hesitate to contact me for further deliberations as regards my application.

Many thanks,
Josephine Stowe.

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