Sample Cover Letter For Fraud Investigator

The fact that frauds and criminalities are widespread in contemporary times is a notion that is universally unquestionable. Probably as a result of the steady increase in population and globalization coupled with the issues of diminishing employment rates and subsequent economic and/or financial stagnation, lots of companies and businesses, who are the major victims of these illegalities, eventually end up folding up. This reason, among others necessitates the engagement of fraud investigators towards ensuring that such financial losses are contained and reduced.

A fraud investigator, also referred to as a claims adjuster, examiner or appraiser is a professional whose occupation mainly revolves around performing such duties as analyzing and determining the apposite amounts that are due to an individual or organization; liaising with relevant judicial and law enforcement agencies accordingly; and also verifying that all financial records or reports are accurate and consistent.

Fraud investigators are employable in such industries as insurance; banking as well as in governmental parastatals. Becoming a fraud investigator typically entails the candidate possessing a high school diploma or its equivalent, while it is further recommended that he/she obtains a bachelor’s degree in accounting, law or business administration. This is also in addition to undergoing relevant training and accreditation programs.

The use of cover letters for employment purposes is indisputable in many professions and fraud investigation is not an exception.

An example of such a cover letter is as follows.

Fraud Investigator Sample Cover Letter

Roberto Clay
5812 Hillcrest Drive
Tacoma, Washington 98491
(360) 899 – 0295


Diane Grier
Strategic Recruitment Lead
Beta Financial Consultants
3805 Leisure Lane
Moorpark, California 93021

Dear Mrs. Grier,

I am excited to seize this platform to notify you of my desire to apply for the post of a fraud investigator at Beta Financial Consultants. This is as a consequence of your advert for the said position on your company’s social media page on the 5th of February, 2018. I am an established fraud investigator with close to fifteen years of first-hand experience, and I am convinced that if employed, I would be a massive asset to your company.

As highlighted in my attached resume, I have undergone the stipulated educational and professional requirements and subsequently acquired the relevant know-how and expertise to function effectively as a fraud investigator. Over the years, I have been dependably discharging such duties as investigating financial claims; negotiating requisite payments; as well as liaising with appropriate stakeholders towards ensuring that due process was followed in the practice of the profession.

I am aware of Beta Financial Consultants’ ongoing investigation into claims of financial misappropriation at Sigma Motors Plc, and I believe strongly that my knowledgeability and experience as a fraud investigator would come in handy towards resolving the issue. I am a professional to the core and my integrity is never compromised.

Feel free to contact me in order to schedule a meeting so that we can discuss my application extensively.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

Kind regards,
Roberto Clay.

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