Teacher Assistant – Sample Cover Letter


Cynthia Burrows
1001 Shepherd Close, Houston, TX 77001
Phone: (832) 011-3456 Email: cburrows11@finemail.com

Dear Mr. Noble,

I hereby write you with great delight to apply for the position of Assistant Teacher for kindergarten students at Grand Canyon Elementary School as recently advertised by you in the second quarter edition of the Houston Education Board Newsletter. I have been a teacher assistant for over a decade in various educational institutions. The experience gained over the years leaves me in no doubt of my capability to add to the value of your school.

My dutiful contribution and diligent execution of the various tasks assigned to me over the years has been frequently commended. Tenacity and resolute passion in dealing with young students is my forte, as evident in the quantity of accolades that I have received all through my eventful career. I possess an associate’s degree in elementary education from the reputable Rock College. Furthermore, I am an active member of the Houston Paraprofessional Association. These above-stated facts ultimately provide me with the knowledge and confidence to satisfactorily cope with the demands of being a productive teacher assistant. I am also endowed with far-reaching communication and interpersonal skills that can foster fruitful relationships amongst all relevant stakeholders.

Many thanks in advance for a favorable consideration. My resume is included herewith for your ease of reference.

Sincerely yours,

Cynthia Burrows

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