Application Developer – Interview Questions and Answers

Application Developer – Top 10 Interview Questions and Answers

An application developer creates, programs, analyzes, and tests application software for computers. They identify specific needs brought to them by a client or assess needs of the general population to manufacture applications based on new ideas and concepts. They also use coding language to modernize applications, as well as keep content fresh and exciting. Application developers can work with a variety of different clients and companies, and a team-oriented approach is crucial to developing a great application.

1. What tasks are required in a typical application developer position?

Typical application development involves producing an application according to a given client’s needs. Application development requires testing, coding, and programming to ensure efficient app functions and convenient user interface. The process involves several stages including creation, coding, analysis, and testing. It is important to work in a team-oriented environment in order to thrive and produce the best results.


2. What qualities do you believe and application developer should possess?

For this question, think of your own positive qualities that you possess that would be applicable to an application developer position. Describe why you think they are important. Additionally, add some unique skills that aren’t typically thought of for an application developer. It will help you stand out and it gives you an opportunity to show some of your unique flair.


3. How do you deal with disagreements and discrepancies within your team?

A question like this is extremely important to answer well. The answer should show your character, especially involving conflict management. Try to think of a specific situation or two where your team was in a disagreement. What was the disagreement? Who was involved? What side did you take? What did you do to help come up with a solution? What was the outcome? Giving extraneous detail is not unwarranted and will allow the employer to see a side of your personality that they won’t see in the interview.


4. What do you feel is the most important skill and application developer should possess?

This is an opinion question, so there is no right or wrong. The employer is trying to figure out where your priorities lie. Consider the typical skills of a successful application developer, and apply it to yourself, showing that it is an important skill to have that will benefit the employer.


5. What are the steps you follow to study a problem before making a decision?

This is a critical question that should be answered thoroughly. The employer isn’t looking for a list of your decision-making process. Instead, they are interested in a situation where you applied your decision-making techniques. Smart, efficient, and ethical decision making is crucial to succeed in any professional role.


6. What procedural improvements have you implemented in your company and what was the approach that you took throughout the project?

This is another experience driven question that has no specific answer. Don’t be afraid to go into detail about the project you are talking about. Consider it a story. Make sure that you give the impression that you are passionate about the project and what you accomplished during it. This is also a chance to show them your communicative and leadership tendencies.


7. What has been your biggest setback as an application developer?

This is a very common question that people often struggle with. Interviews are not only meant to identify strengths. Identifying your weaknesses also allows employers to get an idea of how you would fit into the company. The employer is not concerned what you did wrong or what exactly the setback was. They are interested in learning how you reacted to failure. When answering, acknowledge the setback, then focus on the recovery process and describe how it helped you be who you are today.


8. What has been your biggest accomplishment as an application developer?

For this question, you want to brag about yourself. Describe your accomplishment and how it affected you, the company, and maybe even a client. Let the employer see your pride and passion come through while answering. Explain how you accomplished what you did, and explain why it’s important not only to you, but to others. Use this question as a leveraging tool to wow the employer and make it hard for them not to hire you.


9. What things are you doing to keep up with current technological trends?

Clearly this is a question only you can answer. But consider these examples of things you can do to keep up with current technological trends: Read articles related to app and software development, take a seminar/workshop, get outside your department, and get in touch with an expert. These methods can help you keep up with new and upcoming technologies without too much exhaustive effort. The goal is here is to exhibit your passion for what you do. Even doing one of these things will set you apart from other candidates.


10. When have you taken an innovative approach to solving a problem?

When answering this question, be sure to portray a unique way in which you solved a problem with a different approach than most people would take. Employers want to see a variance in problem-solving techniques and this is the perfect question to show to employer that you are a better choice for the job than others.

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