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Application Support Analyst – Interview Questions and Answers

Application Support Analyst – Top 10 Interview Questions and Answers

Application support analysts support existing applications, providing maintenance and support to companies to facilitate operations and minimize disruption. They examine software applications, diagnose root causes, and work on fixing such problems.  They also develop, configure, and integrate database infrastructure and applications ensuring streamlined processes and appropriate compliance. Additionally, they are responsible for identifying common problems and trends to find permanent solutions, thus improving efficiency. They frequently assist with internal tech support across departments, which requires outstanding communicative tendencies.


1. What tasks are required in a typical application support analyst position?

Typical application support analysis revolves around maintaining current applications to facilitate more efficient operations and minimize disruption of daily tasks. They do this by configuring and integrating new database infrastructure to ensure efficiency. Additionally, they locate common problems and trends to find permanent solutions. They similarly assist with internal tech support, solving problems that an end user cannot fix.


2. What is your best asset as an application support analyst?

For this question, think of your own positive qualities that you possess that would be applicable to an application developer position. Pick your most valuable skill and describe why it is an essential asset to the company. Make your answer unique, but not so unique that your skill doesn’t apply to the employers’ wants.


3. How do you deal with disagreements and discrepancies with coworkers?

A question like this is extremely important to answer well. The answer should show your character, especially involving conflict management. Try to think of a specific situation or two where you disagreed with a coworker. What was the disagreement? What did you do to help come up with a solution? What was the outcome? Giving a detailed answer is encouraged and will allow the employer to see a side of your personality that they can’t see in a resume.


4. How do you adapt when priorities in the workplace change quickly?

The IT industry is constantly changing, which means the work will also be changing at a nearly equal pace. Adapting quickly to changes in the workplace shows valuable versatility and portrays an attitude that is ideal in a rapidly changing technological industry. It would be helpful to give an example of a time that you were forced to adapt to change quickly and describe how you handled it.


5. How did you get started doing application support analysis work?

Application support analysis work is typically applied to an entry level position with optimal growth potential. Employers want to know how and why you became interested in this type of work. Seeing where your passion lies is important when interviewing a potential long term employee. Talk about an experience that made you interested in IT and things you have done to get where you are in your professional career. Use this question as an opportunity to show your passion for the IT field, giving them a great reason to consider you for employment.


6. How confidently do you make decisions in the workplace?

Even small decisions in the IT industry can have rippling effects and it is important to be confident in each choice that you make. The employer wants to know how your decision-making process enables and exhibits confidence in you as well as other decision-makers. Having a noticeable aura of confidence in your answer can make a huge difference in how the employer interprets your answer. Be honest and truthful when answering, though, and let the employer know you are a capable employee.


7. What has been your biggest setback as an application support analyst?

This is a very common question that people often struggle with. Interviews are not only meant to identify strengths. Identifying your weaknesses also allows employers to get an idea of how you would fit into the company. The employer is not concerned what you did wrong or what exactly the setback was. They are interested in learning how you react to failure. When answering, acknowledge the setback, then focus on the recovery process and describe how it helped you become who you are today.


8. Describe a time when you had to set an important goal and how you reached it.

Smart goal setting is a huge component of the modern business world and knowing how to set and achieve goals is an invaluable characteristic. Talk about a personal or team-oriented goal that you are proud of accomplishing that shows your skills and capabilities as an IT professional.


9. What do you enjoy most about being an application support analyst?

This is a great question to give the employer a great idea of how you would fit into their dynamic. It’s an invitation to let your passion take over and explain why you want the job. Don’t feel the need to provide an incredibly detailed answer. Express the gratitude you get from doing your job and explain where your talents lie.


10. When have you taken an innovative approach to solving a problem?

When answering this question, be sure to portray a unique way in which you solved a problem with a different approach than most people would use. Employers want to know how you approach problem-solving and this is the perfect question to show to employer that you are a better choice for the job than others.

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