Business Analyst – Interview Questions and Answers

Business Analyst- Top 10 interview questions and answers

As business analytics is an advancing and multifaceted field, hiring managers need to realize that you know about the fundamental aptitudes for achievement. You likely have your own ideas; however make a point to highlight both specialized and nontechnical value additions you can add to the position.

1. Tell me about yourself?
This is a very simple question which should be taken as such and answered. A good practice is to steer the interviewer towards your strong and unique skills which are compatible with the position and elaborate on that. You could also relate the skill to a previous position in which you used it to the best of your ability.

2. How do you manage and communicate with complex matured or uncooperative team members or managers?
As a business analyst, one of the most critical skills is excellent interpersonal skills as this position is normally a mix of individual and team based performance. Clear and firm communication and collaboration with all the technical specialists, product managers and the management team is really a big part of the business analyst’s position. A good answer here will be an example of a situation in any of your previous roles in which you handled teamwork and difficult team members well and had a great team job result.

3. Are you aware of any business systems software’s or technologies?
In this question, mention and elaborate on the different querying languages, statistical languages you have learnt or worked with in previous job roles. Specifically read up on the company before you go for the interview, and be sure to mention if you have used the precise technology or software which this company uses. This will reassure the hiring manager that you are aware of the technology and software’s which the company uses reducing the need to train you on that thereby saving on time and cost.

4. What do you think are the key skills needed to succeed as a business analyst?
This is a perfect question to showcase your unique skills and experience which you add to the position. Take this opportunity to describe the key skills which you have in terms of the technical and the non-technical knowledge needed along with the soft skills like great interpersonal and communication skills.

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?
In this question, the hiring manager basically wants to understand how ambitious you are and if you have a clear and well thought out career plan for the future. This question needs to be answered keeping in mind the positions level in the organization and aligning it to the organization’s business plan and describing the link between the two.

6. If you are given a business case study to understand and analyze, how would you approach it?
What exactly the employer wants to know is what is the manner and ways with which you will deal with the case at hand.
A good answer will be to describe that you will look at understanding the project requirements first followed by gap identification and then looking at the various alternatives of resolution. Finally end the answer with an example of how you actually performed such a case situation in one of your previous roles.

7. Can you explain a typical day at work for you in your current role?
In this question, the employer wants to know how you can multitask and manage different priorities in a typical day. So ideally you should explain this with an example of a situation in a typical work day in your current job role.

8. What is your biggest weakness?
This is a much loved interview question which hiring managers love to ask. The key here is highlighting your strengths and minimizing your weaknesses. The focus should be on professional traits and not any personal qualities or behaviors.

9. What is your greatest strength?
This is just the question you are looking for. Ace this answer by focusing on one or two of your professional qualities or traits which are critical to the job and elaborate with a detailed example of a situation where this was demonstrated.

10. Why did you leave your last job? OR Why are you considering resigning from your current job?
In this answer, elaborate on the reason why you are looking at a change by outlining reasons such as career growth, opportunity to work on a new and different software dimension, software category or a totally new software language. Never ever have bad or negative comments to share on the previous employer as this reflects badly on you as a candidate.

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