Help Desk Specialist – interview questions and answers

Top 10 Help Desk Specialist interview questions and answers

Help Desk Specialists regularly receive inquiries and calls from customers often experiencing problems or having questions pertaining to the use of company products and technology. Help Desk Specialists walk customers through troubleshooting and solving the problem as well as redirecting the customer to proper channels if a solution is not found. Help Desk Specialists also often assist the company as a whole with technological needs. It helps to have a firm grasp of your responsibilities and expectations as a Help Desk Specialist. Here are some of the questions you could expect in an interview:

1. What makes you want to be a Help Desk Specialist at our company?

I find the role of a Help Desk Specialist to be particularly engaging and stimulating work. I enjoy interacting with others and getting to solve problems daily. This is usually an expected first question right out the gate: why do you want to be here?


2. Is customer service important and why?

Customer service is easily one of the most critical services you can engage in as a company. It’s basically your most consistent point of interaction with your customers and as such projects the face of your company to your users. It’s how you will be seen and known to the world, if you’re lacking in customer service your whole image can get distorted. This question is crucial for establishing that you value the customer service oriented role of the position.


3. How do you stay organized?

Organization is key for performing tasks in an efficient manner, and it’s something I really value focusing on. I find keeping daily and monthly planners on hand to be really beneficial. It helps me stay on top of the immediate tasks at hand, while not losing sight of the big picture and goals for the coming month. This question pertains to expressing the organizational requirements needed for being a good Help Desk Specialist.


4. How would you react in a situation when a customer appears extremely frustrated and angry?

I think it’s important to remember the customer isn’t personally angry at me, but is just frustrated with the situation. Once I remove myself and personal feelings from the situation I can insure that I see the problem clearly and can effectively assist them. If they see my sincerity in wanting to help them, it could also help calm them down.


5. What are some traits a Help Desk Specialist must have to be successful?

– A customer first attitude

– Clear and effective communication

– Ability to analyze and solve problems in a timely manner.

Think of this question as an opportunity to list the things you also excel at that will help you in being a Help Desk Specialist.


6. What do you do when faced with a situation you feel you don’t have an answer to?

I think it’s important to stay humble here and not potentially make the problem worse by refusing to ask for help. I think in this situation it’s important to remember the proper channels to redirect a customer to for further assistance and to send them on to someone more capable while not forgetting to learn from the experience. This question is important for displaying the skill a Help Desk Specialist must display in redirecting customer inquiries.


7. Can you tell us about your current background with IT and technology?

I have some experience in the tech field. I’m particularly well versed in the expected systems and software you’d expect for this role, things like Microsoft and adobe, and I also like to spend my free time doing some web development as a hobby. The key here is to express what tech skills you do already have, but even if you don’t have a ton, express a willingness to learn!


8. What operating systems do you prefer to use and why?

I tend to stick with Microsoft operating systems in general. Sure, they’re not perfect, but they tend to be widely used, so being familiar with these allows me to be more flexible in assisting others. Expect some questions about specific operating systems and software.


9. Can you describe the process of logging customer inquiries?

Sure, normally when a customer calls we open a case under the customer’s name. From there we keep track of the call duration, the problem encountered, and whether or not it was solved and how. Obviously, if the problem isn’t solved we want to record where the customer was redirected to. After the problem is solved, it’s important to follow up for feedback and quality assurance. This question is great for displaying a general familiarity and importance for the process involved in documenting customer inquiries.


10. How familiar are you with our products, and what kind of problems do you think customers may encounter with them?

I know you guys offer a wide range of antivirus software as well as cyber security software. I think customers likely experience the expected hiccups associated with these kinds of software: problems installing, renewing subscriptions, and billing issues. It’s important to have done some sort of research on the company you’re applying for and have a general awareness and expectation of the products they offer.

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