Middle School Teacher – Interview Questions and Answers

Top 10 Middle School Teacher Interview Questions and Answers

Middle school teachers serve as an important bridge that link elementary education to high school education. The middle school period coincides with the onset of puberty in most children. This is a period of increased self-awareness in the students. Based on the foregoing purpose and more, middle school teachers responsible for these young adolescents play an important role.

Interviewing middle school teachers therefore needs to be aimed at determining the most satisfactory workforce for this cadre of students.

Some questions geared towards achieving this feat are itemized below.


1. What qualities or attributes do you possess that you feel make you a favorite to be considered for the post of a middle school teacher?

Besides having overwhelming experience in managing children of this age group, I am very passionate and dedicated to any tasks whatsoever assigned to me. My educational background coupled with my dynamic membership of reputable professional organizations also stands me in good stead to diligently give my full contribution to middle school teaching. Furthermore, I am a resolute optimist with an auspicious character.


2. How would you manage an unruly student or a rowdy classroom?

Handling young adolescents requires calmness, firmness and tolerance. Depending on the degree of the disturbance, appropriate problem-solving techniques would be employed. Sincere communication and effective coherence is needed to bring decorum to such a disorderly student/ classroom.


3. What motivates you to be a middle school teacher?

The satisfaction of contributing to the development of these students who are just at the onset of puberty is an extremely inextinguishable gratification. The euphoria of playing a key role in shaping the future of these middle school students is second to none.


4. How would you identify students with special needs and demands; and how would you address such issues?

By being observant and attentive to detail, the uniqueness of each student can be identified. Also, thorough evaluation of performances can help deduce the requirements of each student. Once identified, appropriate avenues are promptly explored in order to make the most out of the situation.


5. What determines the mode of delivery of your lectures?

This depends on the complexity or otherwise of the topic in question. If it is not a totally unfamiliar topic, a discussion can be made in order to evaluate any previous knowledge about the particular topic. More enigmatic topics need to be firstly simplified to the middle school students before any productive discussions can be achieved. In addition, the use of various technology aid and media can also suffice when appropriate.


6. How would you motivate a seemingly uninterested student or class?

Irrespective of how lackluster a topic is, the onus is on an effective teacher to make the hitherto dreary concept brilliant. A compelling approach is to be devised in such a situation as this would make learning fascinating for the students. The use of enthralling media and materials can help in evoking the enthusiasm of an impassive student or class.


7. How comfortable are you with utilizing models and technology in teaching middle school students? Provide examples of such.

The use of models and technology helps in keeping students spellbound and willing to learn. This approach makes the teaching task less lukewarm for the teacher, and the learning process also becomes more captivating for the students. Such technologies include the use of 3D models and computer-aided designs.


8. How relevant are extracurricular activities to middle school students’ development?

The importance of extracurricular activities can never be undermined. Learning is maximized only when the body and mind is well-nourished. Extracurricular activities help students build their self-esteem, improve their spirit of teamwork, and generally contribute to overall academic progress.


9. What modifications (if any) would you make to the current middle school education curriculum?

The prevalent middle school curricula are very comprehensive and fulfilling. The present structure encompasses the core requirements needed for optimal student development. The modification that I would suggest would be to have a centralized national curriculum across all states. This would go a long way in establishing uniformity all over the nation.


10. How would you maintain healthy working relationships between your coworkers and/or staff members?

This can be achieved by exhibiting professionalism and doing away with egocentrism. Being sagacious and demonstrating the willingness to compromise, coupled with astute communication skills will go a long way in sustaining a flourishing relationship between the parties involved.

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