Software Engineer – Interview Questions and Answers

Software Engineer – Top 10 Interview Questions and Answers

Any software engineer should have sufficient experience working with a number of computer programs, and writing/rewriting the code within that program to fit the needs of your employer. You will likely be required to test previously written software, gather data on said software, or even rewrite aspects of that software’s code. There are several areas of specificity for software engineers, so know what will be expected of you in this specific job and cater your responses to fit within that model


1. Are you familiar with the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)?

It is important to understand every step in the development process; requirement gathering, system analysis, design, coding, testing, and maintenance and documentation.


2. Are you familiar with software scope?

Just as you must know all stages of the software development life cycle, you must know the range of all activities which are required to develop a software product. The scope should identify the whole of what a product will and won’t do.


3. How have you helped explain technical problems to an individual who was not technically inclined?

In a large firm, it is common for a software engineer to be expected to explain technical interfaces and issues to co-workers that are not directly involved in IT.


4. What experiences have you had in working with QA (Quality Assurance) employees?

A software engineer will be expected to cooperate with QA while working in most job environments, it is important to demonstrate that you respect and are willing to listen to QA employees if asked this question.


5. Have you ever worked in customer support or directly with clients?

As a software developer, you may be required to work directly with clients and/or customers. You will want to demonstrate that you have communication experience, and that you are able to explain the functional components of complex software in a plain and simple format.


6. Which developing platforms are you the most familiar with?

With the wide range of development tools available today, you will want to exemplify your experience with the tools you have used. Whether it is Java, C++, etc., you will want to show the interviewer that you have experience and are familiar with a range of tools.


7. What is the extent of your testing experience?

The responsibilities of a software engineer can vary greatly, while you may be expected to help develop new products, you may also be expected to test existing software. You will want to demonstrate your familiarity with exploring unique and tailored software.


8. Give an example of a time when you were responsible for an error in your work and were held responsible.

It is common to error in your work, the important thing to consider, is taking responsibility. You will want to show that you are willing to own up to your mistakes, and will do what it takes to remedy the situation.


9. What role have you played in a software team?

Many software projects are too complex to undertake alone, and so you will be expected to cooperate with a team to accomplish your goals. You will want to show that you work well with other developers, and are confident you will be a contributing member.


10. Have you served as a project manager?

If you have taken the lead on projects in your past, you will want to walk an employer through the process and demonstrate your leadership skills. It can be critical to show you have interpersonal management skills as well as technical developing skills.

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