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Special Education Teacher – Interview Questions and Answers

Top 10 Special Education Teacher Interview Questions and Answers

The importance of special education teachers in the society cannot be overemphasized in the scheme of things. They help to nurture and bring hope to the exceptional student. Most of these special children are very vulnerable, and as such, require the appropriate personnel to take charge of them.

Interviewing prospective special education teachers can be a tedious procedure. However, some examples of ideal interview questions and answers aimed at easing the process are given below.


1. What brought about your choice of being a special education teacher?

I have always been passionate about special children. The willingness and undying desire to improve the lots of these exceptional students has been the major catalyst that has fueled my enthusiasm over the years.


2. How motivational are you? And how would you go about motivating the special education students?

I am well-endowed with overwhelming motivational skills. These are very important in lifting the students’ morale and consequently their willingness to learn. Motivation of students can be achieved through various ways. Some of these ways include appropriate incentivizing of laudable attempts and efforts, as well as making the educational process as interesting and enjoyable as possible.


3. How would you manage a misbehaving student/ unruly class?

This situation can be well-managed by being fair, firm and calm. This is a good way to eradicate and admonish misbehavior. In addition, coherent verbal and/or non-verbal communication is also necessary in order to reach compromises and arrive at workable resolutions of the disturbances.


4. What qualities/attributes are expected to be possessed by an accomplished special education teacher?

The most essential attributes required include passion, patience and perseverance to handle the students; motivational and inspirational skills to boost the students’ enthusiasm; sensitivity and attentiveness to detail; as well as flexibility and unbridled creativity.


5. What is your view about teamwork? And how relevant is that quality to the special education teacher?

Teamwork entails the ability to work together with a number of individuals and groups towards the achievement of a common goal. Each person contributes his/her quota according to his/her strengths. This quality is very advantageous because it encourages effective time management and improved results simultaneously.


6. What are the greatest challenges that you think that special education teachers face?

Special education teachers face a lot of challenges. The most obvious would be the process of initial introduction of the teacher to the students. Most of these exceptional students do not form relationships as easily as other students do. For this reason, massive patience, perseverance and tactfulness need to be demonstrated before the teachers can be fully accepted and trusted by the students.


7. How would you overcome such challenges as stated above?

This can be achieved by utilizing appropriate skills, techniques and approaches designed for the purpose of addressing such situations. These challenges are unique and it is imperative to adopt the most logical resolution methodology. Besides, adept exhibition of positive and goal-oriented attributes helps in salvaging the situation.


8. What are your pronounced strengths?

I have a wide range of qualities, but my patience and tolerance stand out the most. I am also a very astute time manager and resource organizer.


9. What weaknesses/shortcomings do you think you have that affects your output as a special education teacher?

In as much as I believe that I may have subtle limitations, I cannot think of any relevant deficiencies that can hinder my effectiveness in delivering the expected goals and objectives of any duties assigned to me in my capacity as a special education teacher.


10. How do you overcome the weaknesses stated above?

Any drawbacks whatsoever can be addressed through resolutely and ceaselessly embarking on programs and activities that contribute to meaningful overall development.

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