Teacher Assistant – Interview Questions and Answers

Being an accomplished teacher assistant entails the ability to adequately follow and discharge assignments and duties designated by the lead teacher. Since both educators work in unison, the teacher assistant must be malleable enough to conform to the lead teacher’s supervision and instructions. This attribute is significant for a teacher assistant in order to promulgate a productive working relationship, and in a more general sense, a meaningful partnership that would be beneficial to the students and also the society as a whole.

Some questions and their subsequent answers aimed at determining the most suitable teacher assistant are given below.


1. As a teacher assistant, what methods or approaches would you adopt to improve motivation amongst students?

Motivating students is pivotal in encouraging learning and development. Young students are mostly impressionable and often require additional attention. As a teacher assistant, the onus is on me to make the learning process as simple, practicable and fun-filled as possible. The use of similar real-life situations and occurrences helps the students to visualize the subject matter from abstract materials. This helps in promoting motivation and enthusiasm.


2. Compliance and conformity with the lead teacher’s directives is an undeniable quality of a teacher assistant; how would you go about achieving this?

This attribute is a personal one that can be further improved upon. To achieve this, a teacher assistant must always remember that first and foremost, he/she is a professional. Through continuous personal growth and steady revamping of the knowledge base, a teacher assistant gets to acknowledge and appreciate the indisputability of compliance as a significant attribute to becoming a successful teacher assistant.


3. What driving factors are responsible for your choice to embrace a career as a teacher assistant?

Firstly, my passion for children as well as contributing my quota towards the development of these students is highly motivational in pursuing a teacher assistant’s career. In addition, the privilege of working in tandem with the lead teacher to achieve successful instruction of students is an important stimulus that endears my decision to be a teacher assistant.


4. What is your understanding of teamwork; and how significant is it for a teacher assistant?

Simply put, teamwork refers to the ability to work hand-in-hand with an individual or a group of people. The purpose of this is to brainstorm together and contribute to the overall success of a venture. A teacher assistant has to be willing to imbibe the principles of teamwork in order to achieve unbridled success in educating the students.


5. Sequel to the above, how would you promote teamwork between a lead teacher and the teacher assistant?

Promotion of teamwork can be achieved through means such as good communication skills, ability to compromise, diligence and hard work, display of maturity, appreciation of the contributions of others, as well as embracing selfless and altruistic qualities.


6. How would you go about resolving disputes and/or misunderstandings between a lead teacher and the teacher assistant?

If such a situation arises, it is imperative to maintain calmness and decorum, after which mediation is involved in order to arrive at a compromise. Both parties need to realize that disputes are divisive and anti-developmental. The bone of contention must be clarified, and both the lead teacher and the teacher assistant must set a common goal and agree on establishing the best way to resolve the dispute.


7. Being a teacher assistant requires interactions amongst the lead teacher, staff members, parents/guardians and yourself. How would you achieve a smooth relationship in dealing with such a diverse group of stakeholders?

Seamless interactions and constructive relationships can be achieved through the use of effective time management skills as well as possessing an astute ability to multitask. Proper organization and diligence also come in handy when dealing with a divergent body of individuals and groups.


8. How would you inspire unenthusiastic students to show more interest in learning?

Uninterested students can be motivated to show more interest in learning through the effective demystification of complex topics and subject matter. This simplification can be achieved through the introduction of practicable examples to assist the students in understanding and appreciating the process of learning.


9. Besides your educational qualifications, what skills or attributes do you possess that you think improves your chances of being an accomplished teacher assistant?

I am very passionate about child development. In addition, I am endowed with such qualities as attentiveness to detail, creativity, good communication skills, as well as significant organizational and time management attributes. Furthermore, I have an impressive ability to comply with directives and deliver set goals accordingly.


10. What contributions do teacher assistants provide? How important are they to the educational system?

‘Two heads are better than one’ is a proverb that efficiently encapsulates the importance of teacher assistants to the lead teachers, students and society as a whole. Teacher assistants help to supplement the lead teachers’ efforts for the optimal academic, physical, mental and socio-cultural growth and progress of the students.

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