Help Desk Specialist – Job Description

Help Desk Specialists are the face of the company to valued customers and buyers in need of assistance. They serve in a front-line roll and get to create a valuable service in a customer oriented manner that reflects the company’s values and goals. The Help Desk Specialist also gets to utilize and grow in technical knowledge and creative problem solving skills by assisting the company itself with various technical tasks and projects. This is a communication and people oriented position that is a great fit for those who value close interaction and the satisfaction of assisting others.

Help Desk Specialist Responsibilities

  • Provide assistance to users (via the phone, email, or other mediums) who are encountering technical problems.
  • Running diagnostics to troubleshoot and identify the root cause of problems.
  • Walk users through the solution while anticipating further possible issues.
  • Receive and log customer feedback on the problem solving process and relay suggestions to the benefit of other teams or departments.
  • Redirect customers to proper channels for further or more specific assistance.
  • Follow up with customers to insure satisfaction and quality.
  • Properly record and document individual customer cases by closing them when solved or redirecting them to proper channels when a problem persists.
  • Always upholding a great standard of communication, quality customer connection, and outstanding service.
  • Being willing to assist the company with additional technological tasks such as: software installation, proper upkeep of technical stations, and maintaining up to date computer hardware and performance.

Alternative Names: Support Technician, IT Specialist, Technical Support, End-User Support

Job Projections: Average/Growing

Help Desk Specialist Skills and Qualifications

  • Great and Friendly Communication
  • A Positive Attitude
  • Ability to Simplify and Explain Technical Problems
  • User-Oriented and Service Minded
  • Organization
  • Basic Tech Knowledge and Familiarity with regards to Computer, Mobile, and other tech devices
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Suite (Excel, Word, Power Point)
  • Knowledge of additional technical skills a plus (programming, script writing, domains, networking, cyber security)


The average Help Desk Specialist can expect to make anywhere from $30,000 to $50,000 per year with the median income falling around $43,000. Job location and experience level often play critical roles in determining salary.

Education and Training:

Most Help Desk Specialists are expected to have a Bachelor’s Degree and be able to type at a reasonable speed and proficiency. Some companies may require a specific background in IT, though this is not always common. Many of the technical skills required to do the job well can be acquired and taught within the role itself.

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