Application Developer – Sample Resume

An application developer resume requires more technical abilities than most IT careers. It’s a high level job, and a lot of experience is already assumed. So you need to describe definitive experiences that make you stand out from other experienced applicants and put your resume to the top of the pile.

The skills and experience section on this resume holds the most importance for an employer who is looking for an individual who will be able to step into a position with a large amount of technical knowledge. It is important to keep it error free, truthful, and detailed as doing so will give you the best chance of getting hired

So, make good use of your first chance to write an application developer resume using the given template below:


Derek C. Rode
1234 Brown Street, Topeka, KS 48120
Phone: 925-947-0048, Email:

Career Objective:

To obtain an application developer position at “Benchmark Technologies,” developing applications and coding processes to improve business operations using my problem-solving techniques and team-oriented approach.

Summary of Skills:

  • Extensive application development experience for a variety of industries and clients
  • Experience working with latest coding software and certified in several software platforms
  • Understanding of current business processes and ways to implement new and effective coding language
  • Proficient in application coding, programming, and troubleshooting
  • Outstanding attention to detail, problem-solving techniques, and communicative tendencies

Work Experience:

Application Developer                                                                      October 2014 – Present

Biotech Inc., Topeka, KS

  • Develop and deploy applications to clients to improve business processes
  • Test, configure, and retool applications to enhance user-friendliness
  • Rewrite coding and programming to establish more efficient business procedures
  • Provide summaries of application development to management
  • Accompanied company professionals to meetings to answer technical questions
  • Use team-oriented approach to apply innovative practice to application design

 Application Developer                                                                                      Jan 2013 – Sept 2014

ZX Technical Services, Topeka, KS

  • Developed and modernized applications in accordance with client and industry needs
  • Ensure applications were compatible and user-friendly with several platforms
  • Tested coding and programming script to ensure proper computer functions
  • Enhanced and deployed coding and programming based on research, client needs, and business trends


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science 2014

Wichita State University, Wichita, KS

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