Budget Analyst – Sample Resume

A successful Budget Analyst’s resume will communicate not only experience with budgetary policy, but potential and relevant skills. Entry level budget analyst positions are decently available, so it is not necessary to have previous experience as an analyst. Past jobs or education in finance, statistics, or accounting are useful qualifications. Skills and background knowledge cannot make up for experience, but they are helpful.

Including computer skills is necessary for this job because it requires much technical work. Budget analysts are practically consultants for their organizations, so it is necessary to display strong interpersonal skills. Make sure to use adjectives such as “skilled,” “experienced,” or “exceptional,” to communicate your competence.

The sample resume attached can help point you in the right direction when writing your resume.


John Smith
1234 Ocean City, Florida
Phone: 782-123-4567, Email: jsmith@email.com


Career Objective:

To obtain a budget analyst position at “Earn More LLC” and advise project managers on how to create sustainable budgets and increase funding.

Summary of Skills:

  • Experience with accounting and financial analysis software
  • Extensive coursework in finance, statistics, and upper level mathematics
  • Skilled with all Microsoft Office applications
  • Exceptional clerical and organizational skills
  • Experience in budgeting and fundraising
  • Logical thinking and reasoning

Work Experience:

Budget Analyst                                                                                              June 2015 – Present

Coastal Systems Software, Ocean City, FL

  • Gathering and analyzing previous budget models
  • Consulting with corporate on long and short term financial goals
  • Creating formal presentation and comprehensive annual budget models for corporate
  • Allocating funding for project teams
  • Monitoring spending and estimating future costs as a result of growth
  • Writing and releasing bi-monthly budget calculations

Finance Intern                                                                                  October 2014 – May 2015

International Capital Bank, New York, NY

  • Reviewing statements of accounts portraits for several clients
  • Organizing past investment spreadsheets
  • Researching tech industry stocks and trends
  • Created stock pitch book and presented to superiors
  • Utilized data to reveal industry trends
  • Improved data storage system efficacy


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Finance    2014

Merit University, New York, NY

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