Computer Operator – Sample Resume

Writing an effective resume for computer operators is a vital exercise. The resume must be succinct and well-detailed. It should also highlight the skillset, ability and experience as well as the attributes the prospective computer operator possesses. The resume should be compelling and should also portray the in-depth strengths and key qualities the computer operator is endowed with in order to convince the employer of his/her suitability for the position being sought.

An example of a well-written resume for a computer operator is provided below.

Arnold Smith
999 Oakland Blvd, Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone: (410) 343 – 5678 Email:

Career Objective

To attain the position of computer operator in BMZ Computers; and thereby discharge whatever assignments that may be given in a timely manner and with unabated diligence.


Summary of Skills

  • Proficient information organizational skills which enable appropriate ordering of facts and data according to necessary patterns and orientation.
  • Spectacular troubleshooting ability which allows for the proper analyses of problems as well as coming up with their respective solutions.
  • Outstanding attentiveness to little details. This is highly beneficial because computing is a profession that only accommodates accuracy and precision. The existence of even the most infinitesimal errors may result in an incorrect output, and subsequent waste of resources.
  • Excellent analytical thinking and sound judgment attributes to aid the performance of associated assignments.
  • Dexterous ability to use a wide range of data interface and operating system software.
  • Adept problem-solving qualities.


Work Experience


Computer Systems Analyst                                                               April 2013 – present

ABC Computers Inc., Newark, NJ

  • Responsible for troubleshooting and carrying out series of tests periodically in order to ascertain that the computer systems and networks are performing efficiently.
  • Designing of new methods and software applications to amplify the performance of the computer systems for increased productivity.


Computer Programmer                                                                     January 2010 – March 2013

Bloom Computers and Technology, Newark, NJ

  • Modified and updated existing software programs to improve functionality and productivity.
  • Wrote computer software languages to designate sets of instructions and commands for various programs and applications.



  • Associate’s Degree in Computer Science 2009

Hallmark College, Newark, NJ


Professional Organizations

  • Member, Newark Computer Operators’ League (NCOL) 2010 – present

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