Computer Programmer – Sample Resume

As expected of most professional resumes, the ability to be insightful and trenchant is important. This recommendation holds sway in the creation of a resume for a computer programmer. When preparing these curriculum vitae, the prospective applicant’s experience, attributes and skillset must be patently and distinctly conceptualized in order to provide an easily comprehensible summary that highlights the competence of the prospective computer programmer.

A sample of a well-balanced and properly written resume for a computer programmer is provided below.

Arnold Smith
999 Oakland Blvd, Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone: (410) 343 – 5678 Email:

Career Objective

To attain the position of computer programmer at Blue Chip Incorporated; and thereby contribute to the development of the organization through the timely and diligent performance of the tasks assigned to me.


Summary of Skills

  • Profound analytical and critical thinking skills which help to identify, decipher and resolve problems in timely and effective manners.
  • Superb attentiveness to detail. Programming is a precision science. Even the smallest margin of errors can result in wrong outputs.
  • Effective written and oral communication skills which help to lucidly assimilate and propagate information as duly necessary.
  • Adept at troubleshooting in order to pinpoint and obviate complicating issues if and when they occur.
  • Outstanding knowledge of the principles of information technology and affiliated subjects like software development fundamentals.
  • Superlative organization skills which are essential in avoiding mix ups and eliminating errors to the barest minimum.
  • Resolute result-oriented inclination.


Work Experience

Computer Programmer                                                                     May 2013 – present

White Cloud Computers, Colorado Springs, CO

  • Assisting of software developers in the analyses, design and development of user-friendly computer application software.
  • Formulating of computer application codes and carrying out of various tests and evaluations on the ensuing design outcome to determine their overall efficiency and compatibility status.


Software Developer                                                                           April 2010 – April 2013

Bluebird Systems Incorporated, Colorado Springs, CO

  • Designed and analyzed databases for online financial applications.
  • Created and modified general computer application programs.
  • Supervised the functioning of computer programmers.



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science 2008

University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, CO


Professional Organizations

  • Member, Colorado Computer Scientists’ Association (CCSA) 2012 – present

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