Elementary School Teacher – Sample Resume

A resume for an elementary school teacher must be well organized, concise, in-depth and informative. It should be convincing and able to adequately describe and elaborate the elementary school teacher’s qualities and competence.

An example is provided below:


John Doe
111 Orange Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32221
Phone: (904) 123-4567 Email: john_doe123@anymail.com

Career Objective

To acquire the position of an elementary school teacher at Grand Canyon Elementary School, and thus, diligently impart knowledge and display efficacious character required in educating and training elementary students for overall growth and development.

Summary of Skills

  • Highly organized and methodological
  • Extensive knowledge, experience and passion in dealing with elementary school children
  • Impeccable motivational and communication skills
  • Formidable ingenuity and impressive resourcefulness
  • Superlative patience, wholesome zeal and a cheerful mien which all encompasses a positive outlook

Work Experience

Student Teacher                                                                     August 2007 – present

Silverbird Elementary School, Jacksonville, FL

  • In charge of teaching Grade 3 students in a class of an average size of 20 students.
  • Responsible for monitoring, grading and recording the results of the performances of the students.

Student Teacher                                                                     March 2000 – July 2007

Honeycomb Elementary School, Jacksonville, FL

  • Taught Grade 4 students in a class of an average size of 21 students.
  • Created various designs, models and templates to assist the students’ understanding and progress.
  • Developed workable schemes and comprehensive lesson plans that helped the students to understand the subject topics better.

Substitute Teacher                                                                 January 1997 – February 2000

Sunflower Elementary School, Jacksonville, FL

  • Filled in on a temporary basis to teach Grade 1 students in an average class size of 18 students.
  • Saddled with the responsibility of adapting the curricula to be compatible with the students’ peculiarities and requirements.


  • Master’s Degree in Education 1997

XYZ University, Jacksonville, FL

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Education 1995

XYZ University, Jacksonville, FL

Professional Organizations

  • Member, National Association of Elementary Teachers (NAET) 1999 – present
  • Member, Florida State Teachers’ Association (FSTA) 2005 – present

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