Middle School Teacher – Sample Resume

To write a succinct resume for a middle school teacher, it is very important that the potential employer’s curiosity is piqued. A well-structured middle school teacher’s resume must distinctly present the prospective employee’s strengths, qualities and worthiness to fulfill the responsibilities of the position being sought for.

A typical example of a middle school teacher’s resume is presented below.


Jason Bond
345 Bloom Valley, Columbia, SC 29044
Phone: (843) 987-3210 Email: j_bond007@mymail.com

Career Objective

To attain the position of a middle school math teacher at Highbury Middle School in order to teach, encourage and assist middle school students in developing their skills in math principles, and also their overall progress as a whole, using ample experience garnered over the years.

Summary of Skills

  • Effective time management skills needed to minimize misuse of resources and amplify results.
  • Very adept at breaking down complex middle school math problems in an organized manner.
  • Profound knowledge of the theoretical and practical concepts of middle school math.
  • Thoroughness and patience in explaining various theories of middle school math for maximum understanding.
  • Appreciable ability to formulate, evaluate and develop models and guides to help middle school students improve their math problem-solving prowess.

Working Experience

 Middle School Math Teacher                                                            January 2010 – present

Roosevelt Junior High School, Columbia, SC

  • Development and implementation of new methods and models to teach middle school math to Grade 7 students in an average class size of 22.
  • Establishment and sustenance of environments conducive to promoting the teaching and learning of middle school math.

Middle School Math Teacher                                                            January 2008 – October 2009

Rhodes Island middle School, Columbia, SC

  • Taught, graded and evaluated middle school math performances for Grade 6 students in an average class size of 20.
  • Coordinated the simplification of middle school math curricula into more comprehensible sections for ease of learning and understanding for the middle school students.
  • Coordination of various middle school math events and related projects.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Math Education 2007

GTA University, Columbia, SC

Graduated Cum Laude

Professional Organizations

  • Member, American Association of Math Teachers (AAMT) 2015 – present
  • Member, South Carolina Math Teachers’ League (SCMTL) 2010 – present

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