Software Engineer – Sample Resume

There are several things to keep in mind when creating your resume as a software engineer. You need to mention the specific areas of coding in which you are familiar and comfortable working with. You will want to mention proficiency with specific development tools (Java, C++, etc.). It is also important to demonstrate your knowledge in developing software, and your knowledge of the most recent developments in software technology.

Several skills are also very important to any software developer, and you should ensure that the most relevant are listed on your resume. Be sure to include past projects you have worked on, software you have developed, and systems you have edited and worked on.

Be sure to keep all this information in mind when submitting a resume, and feel free to make use of the following example resume:


John L. Smith
1234 Main Street, Anytown, CA 92600
Phone: (999) 999-9999, Email:


Career Objective:

To obtain a software development position at “Computing International,” and develop operational software using my knowledge of coding, while complying with all rules and regulations of the company.

Summary of Skills:

  • Experience working with the ‘Java’ coding
  • Acute eye for detail
  • Strong analytical ability
  • Software development expertise
  • Current knowledge of latest development technology
  • Experience working with a development team
  • Exceptional analytical skills

Work Experience:

Software Engineer                                                                             January 2015 – Present

Technology systems inc., Anytown, CA

  • Creating software from start to finish
  • Managing a team of software technicians
  • Updating operating systems
  • Collecting information on system
  • Coding our operating software

Software Engineer                                                                             August 2014 – January 2015

Harbor Workings, Everytown, FL

  • Managing our operating system
  • Testing our system
  • Creating informational reports
  • Helping to code updated software


Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science   2014

ACT University, Everytown, FL

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