Teacher Assistant – Sample Resume

A teacher assistant works under the direction of a lead teacher. When writing a resume for a teacher assistant, it is important to put a number of considerations in place. Such indices include experience gained, ability to comply with instructions and dedication towards the students’ development.

A well-detailed teacher assistant resume sample is provided below.


Cynthia Burrows
1001 Shepherd Close, Houston, TX 77001
Phone: (832) 011-3456 Email:


Career Objective

To attain the position of Teacher Assistant for kindergarten students at Grand Canyon Elementary School; and thereby support the lead teacher in the execution of the job duties for overall advancement of the students.

 Summary of Skills

  • Excellent verbal and non-verbal communication and information dissemination skills.
  • Impressive motivational and inspirational attributes to help in encouraging the growth and all round development of the students.
  • Remarkable inclination towards receiving, adhering and executing instructions and assigned tasks.
  • Exceptional organizational skills to assist in the coordination of the teaching-learning process for the students.
  • Laudable creativity and ingenuity qualities to help fashion out models and approaches for improved teaching-learning experiences.

Work Experience

 Teacher Assistant                                                                               March 2009 – present

Tinkerbell Elementary School, Houston, TX

  • Responsible for using televisual aid for instructing kindergarten students.
  • Enforcement of discipline among kindergarten students in the classrooms.
  • Assisting the lead teacher in simplifying the curricula for kindergarten students for ease of understanding.

Teacher Assistant                                                                               April 2008 – February 2009

Oxford Elementary Academy, Houston, TX

  • Prepared the classrooms for Grade 2 students in readiness for the lessons.
  • Graded and kept records of performances of Grade 2 students.
  • Supported the lead teacher in the organization of quizzes and tests for Grade 2 students.


  • Associate’s Degree in Elementary Education             2008

Rock College, Houston, TX

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