Best Resume Sample And Writing Guidelines

The significance of the resume in matters relating to employment cannot be overemphasized to say the least. This document, which usually accompanies, or is attached to a cover letter when submitting job applications is essentially a succinct summarization of the applicant’s work experience as well as educational and/or professional background.

When creating or updating a resume, utmost care must be taken to ensure that this synopsis is compliant with widely-acceptable formats, outlines and/or structures.

In general, an adequate resume can be broadly subdivided into five sections as follows;

1. Contact Information
As the name implies, this section which serves as the heading contains the contact details of the candidate. Information such as the name, mailing address, email address, and phone number(s) are provided in this section. The inclusion of personal websites or applicable social media links is optional.

2. Career Objective
This refers to the segment wherein the candidate summarily presents an overview of his/her goals and aspirations which must be in conformity with his/her level of experience and educational standing.

3. Summary Of Skills
This self-explanatory section of the resume is of immense importance. The candidate’s relevant skillsets and attributes are provided in this part of the resume. Great care must be taken here to make certain that the qualities submitted are pertinent with the intricacies of the resume objectives. The skills could either be soft skills or hard skills.

4. Work Experience
The candidate’s employment history as well as his/her position at such workplaces, and also a highlight of the job responsibilities accountable for are featured here. The dates and duration of such employment backgrounds should also be supplied.

5. Education
Academic and/or scholarly qualifications obtained by the candidate are detailed here. The names of the awarding institutions; dates of receipt of the certifications; as well as the classes of degree acquired by the applicant are also presented.

Addition of optional sections such as volunteer experience as well as professional organizations affiliated to is also acceptable practice.
Harnessing all these guidelines helps in no little way in creating an exceptional resume. A resume sample for a mechanical engineer is provided below;

Resume Sample/Template

Jeremy Martin Cole
3407 Buckhannon Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13224
(315) 591-8928

Accomplished thermodynamics system mechanical engineer with 10+ years’ experience in researching into the transfer and conversion of heat energy in order to obtain workable solutions to engineering problems striving to progressively extend the frontiers of practical thermodynamics.

• Outstanding verbal and non-verbal communication skills
• Spectacular time- and resource-management prowess
• Excellent creative, innovative and resourceful inclinations
• Profound decision-making and problem-solving finesse
• Appreciable computer proficiency as well as technical expertise

Thermodynamic Engineer January 2012 – present
Amber & Amber Fluid Engineers, Syracuse, NY
• Design and development of improved production methods and techniques.
• Evaluation of production processes in order to determine performance levels.
• Troubleshooting and running diagnostics on defective production equipment.

Plant Engineer January 2005 – December 2011
SolarTec Thermodynamic Engineers, Bethesda, MD
• Maintained an environment conducive for workers to function optimally.
• Supervised production processes in order to reduce losses and maximize output.

• Master’s Degree in Fluid Mechanics 2004
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

• Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering 2001
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

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