Top 10 Skills To List On Your Resume

Creating an effective and far-reaching resume involves a significant amount of diligence, meticulousness, finesse and expertise. This is essential in order to make certain that your resume is unique and stands out thereby enhancing your chances of getting employed. This is especially relevant in contemporary times due significantly to the fact that the labor markets are massively competitive and quite saturated. In order to write a standout and/or exceptional resume, the candidate is advised to research and consult numerous templates and tips.

When writing or modifying a resume, the candidate is reasonably required to include some relevantly fundamental skills that are capable of persuading the hiring manager to favorably consider the candidate’s application.

Some of such principal skills are highlighted below;


  1. Reliability

This is a soft skill that is apparently universal to almost all professions. It is obvious that no hiring manager would be willing to give considerations to an undependable candidate. Reliability is an essential quality, and the ability to demonstrate this in the resume is immensely beneficial.

  1. Creativity

A creative and/or innovative candidate is usually the most suitable in a hiring manager’s perspective. An imaginative applicant who has the capability of thinking outside of the box largely contributes to increased efficiencies and productivity levels.

  1. Technical Skills

This is an embodiment of hard skills. Technical skills are largely characteristic and dependent on job responsibilities and vary accordingly. Including technical skills that are relevant to the vacancy in question in a resume is very advantageous.

  1. Problem-Resolution

An applicant who possesses problem-solving attributes has a heightened tendency to be favorably considered for the position at stake. This skill is of huge importance and it is recommended that candidates who have this quality should endeavor to include it in their resume.

  1. Multitasking

The ability of a candidate to multitask and still operate efficiently is a major plus to a recruiter. This remarkably goes a very long way in minimizing inputs while simultaneously maximizing outputs.

  1. Communication

Being able to communicate effectively both verbally and non-verbally is an invaluable attribute that hiring managers expect from the candidates. This is a topmost skill that ought to be included in a resume as applicable.

  1. Time Management

An offshoot of multitasking, the capacity of a candidate to appreciably manage both time and resources is considerably important. The ability to do this largely promotes optimization and thus, this quality should be documented in the candidate’s resume accordingly.

  1. Interpersonal Skills

A candidate’s possession of astute interpersonal relationship skills as well as a teamwork spirit is an attribute that cannot be reasonably overemphasized. If the candidate has this quality, he/she should not hesitate to include it in his/her resume as it enhances his/her chances of getting employed.

  1. Decision-Making

Similar to creativity and problem-solving skills, decision-making is a very significant quality. A candidate that is duly capable of making far-reaching and constructive decisions if and when necessary should always endeavor to stipulate this fact in his/her resume.

  1. Strong Work Ethic

This is a formidable quality that most employers seek in candidates. A candidate with a strong work ethic improves productivity. This attribute (if possessed) should be included in the candidate’s resume.

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