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Budget Analyst – Sample Cover Letter

John Smith
1234 Ocean City, Florida
Phone: 782-123-4567, Email:


Dear Mr. Ryan,

I am contacting you in regards to the open budget analyst position at your firm. I am a conscientious and efficient worker, with a penchant for numbers. My previous experience as a budget analyst and my strong financial background make me a prime candidate for your consideration.

At my present place of employment, I prepare annual company budget reports and monitor overall spending. My responsibilities include reviewing project proposals and evaluating their importance and potential value to the company by budgeting funding. I review others’ budget proposals and verify financial trends through the use of various databases. My experience with spreadsheets and financial analysis software are examples of my well-developed computer skills. In my budget proposals, I exhibit creativity by suggesting new areas for financial growth and stability. I am a team-oriented worker and discuss budgetary matters often with key financial officers for the company. I am responsible and respectful in providing cost-benefit consultations with executives of the firm. As I mentioned earlier, my strong financial background is appropriate given your company’s concern for increasing your clients’ personal wealth.

I look forward to hearing more about the specific tasks of the job. I have included my contact information above and attached my resume.


John Smith

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