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Sample Cover Letter For Accountant

Over time, the inherent advantages associated with making use of cover letters, most especially for employment purposes, cannot be convincingly overemphasized. Cover letters besides helping the potential employee a great deal in introducing himself/ herself to the prospective employer also significantly provide a monumental platform for marketing himself/ herself.

Since each cover letter has to be properly tailored to meet the specifics of the job vacancy in question, it is very beneficial that the would-be employee recourses to samples in order to increase his/her chances of crafting a satisfactorily acceptable cover letter.

An accountant is an individual whose indispensability in an organization is immense. An accountant’s job duties amongst others include preparing and producing financial documents as well as examining and inspecting the company’s revenues and books.

A suitable cover letter for an accountant must be highly perspicuous, explicit and reasonably presentable. Some features of an adequate cover letter for an accountant include a proper salutation; a compelling opening line; a persuasive arrangement of the body of the document which should encompass the applicant’s suitability and qualities required to be a successful accountant; a robust conclusion; as well as an acceptable complimentary close.

The sample provided below puts these features into perspective.

Accountant Sample Cover Letter

Richard Butler
75 A Moonlight Crescent
Cleveland, Tennessee 37010
Phone: (615) 678 – 9012 Email:


Harry Schmidt
Recruitment Director
Neon Holdings & Consultants
3 Clinton Drive
Jackson, Tennessee 37012

Dear Mr. Schmidt,
I am deeply elated to write to you in connection to the vacancy for the post of an Accountant as advertised in the January 2018 edition of your company’s monthly bulletin. I have keenly followed the major projects undertaken by Neon Holdings & Consultants with great enthusiasm; and I am earnestly confident that I can be a dynamic asset to your company.

Being an alumnus of Belmont University, Nashville, TN with a Bachelor’s degree in accounting, and more importantly, having worked in different echelons of Financial Administration such as Payroll Clerk; Budget analyst; Certified Internal Auditor; and finally my present status of Chief Financial Officer; I am very convinced that I can add more value to Neon Holdings & Consultants.

Furthermore, I am well-informed on the mission statement of your esteemed company which summarily connotes, ‘Maximizing Productivity Through Sagacious Financial Management’, and this is in tandem with my personal principles. This axiom is evident through the lenses of some of my previous accomplishments; prominent of which is the development of an experiential Xero-like software that is capable of decreasing revenue loss by as much as 10%.

My personal attributes and experience garnered over the years has remarkably enhanced my expertise and resourcefulness, thereby leading to my receipt of several commendations.

I will be anticipating meeting with you in order to have further discussion if and when necessary.

Kind regards,
Richard Butler.

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