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Sample Cover Letter For Bus Driver

As the name sufficiently implies, bus drivers or bus operators refer to those particular individuals whose profession essentially entails the conveyance and transit of passengers and commodities. A few types of bus drivers are school bus drivers, tour bus drivers as well as transit drivers.

The importance of bus drivers to daily life is colossal. These professionals help a whole lot of folks a great deal in alleviating the drudgery involved in the transportation of both people and goods.

According to the US Bureau of Labor statistics, the job outlook for bus driving as an occupation is projected to be moderately high probably due to continuous expansions in human population as well as increased development of production/
industrialization. Bus drivers can get employed by school boards, courier service companies, private enterprises as well as governmental organizations.

A potential bus driver’s cover letter should adequately communicate to the hiring manager what factors favorably support his/her application for the position. In addition to a preferred academic qualification of at least a high school diploma, the prospective bus driver is expected to possess a valid commercial driver’s license and also to have undergone different certification tests as stipulated by the relevant regulating agencies in order to vindicate his/her suitability to drive a bus dependably.

Bus Driver Sample Cover Letter

Peter Brandon
952 Honeycomb Avenue
Houston, Texas 77001
Phone: (281) 026-1333 Email:


Solomon Duncan
Recruiting Manager
Duval County Transit
64 W Blueberry Drive
Houston, Texas 77001

Dear Mr. Duncan,

As advertised on the weblog of Duval County Transit on the 10th of January, 2018, I am very happy to write to you to signify my interest in soliciting for the post of a bus driver. A professional transit operator for over a decade, I strongly believe that I am remarkably suited to efficiently add more value to your organization.

I have an Associate’s degree in Traffic Management in addition to my vast experience in driving around the Houston, Texas metropolis. Over the years, I have been duly privileged to operate commercial tour buses as well as school buses. My driving record is clean and faultless; same as my interpersonal and communication savvy.

I am aware of occasional reports of non-punctuality and lateness on the part of some bus operators at Duval County Transit which most apparently must be disadvantageous to the image of your reputable company. However, I am glad to inform you of my spectacular timeliness and diligence to work. Throughout my bus driving experience, I have never been late for an appointment. These attributes and more are a few of the contributions that I intend to bring to your organization. I also have a valid commercial driver’s license and I partake in relevant scheduled driving tests regularly.

I have an impressive number of referees that can attest to my safe driving ability and high level of professionalism. If offered an opportunity to work in your outfit, be rest assured that the end result would be mutually beneficial.

Thank you in anticipation of a favorable consideration. I look forward to hearing from you in earnest.

Kind regards,
Peter Brandon.

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