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Sample Cover Letter For Civil Engineer

Civil engineering is a very broad subset of general engineering that is basically concerned with designing, fabricating and/or managing/ modifying naturally occurring physical elements and structures for mankind’s use and comfort. By this token, civil engineers are the professionals who use the application of scientific principles and theories to conceive, develop and/or create workable models, designs and/or structures for minimizing or solving societal obstacles. They conceptualize practicable designs of infrastructures such as buildings, roads and bridges; and subsequently construct them.

To become a civil engineer, it is essentially required to have the necessary knowledge base and key qualities. In most places, a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering or related engineering disciplines is the norm. Also, state certification and licensure as well as additional professional qualifications and accreditations are important. Further, relevant attributes such as impressive decision-making ability; good communication and interpersonal flair; spectacular teamwork spirit; as well as outstanding mathematical and scientific competence are crucial.

As a probable result of increased industrialization in contemporary times, recruiters are wont to be thorough when employing civil engineers. For this reason and more, it is obligatory for the potential employee to ensure that his/her cover letter is satisfactory enough to land him/her the job.

Below is an example of a properly drafted cover letter for a civil engineer.

Civil Engineer Sample Cover Letter

Dennis Sparks
5132 Cliffside Way
Downsville, New York 13755
Phone: (845) 516-7865 Email:


Darren Daugherty
Executive Head of Recruitment Operations
Leighton Engineering Inc.
625 S Windsor Drive
Buffalo, New York 14210

Dear Mr. Daugherty,

Upon finding out about the availability of the position of a civil engineer at Leighton Engineering Inc. on the employment section of The Concord Newspaper of January 20, 2018, I was immensely excited and equally compelled to use this medium to inform you of my willingness to apply for the advertised post. I have been following the activities and progress of your company for a long while and I am positive that I can contribute my own quota to your company’s growth.

Being a professional with work experience that surpasses two decades as a civil engineer, I am very confident of my capability to satisfactorily fulfil the job duties of the advertised vacancy. Over the years, I have been actively engaged in a large number of projects such as supervision of roads and bridges under construction as well as analyzing and evaluating structures for deficiencies.

I got wind of your upcoming project as regards the construction of a retractable bridge over Lake Thomas, New York; and would be indelibly overjoyed to partake in such an engineering venture. I have been involved in so many similar projects such as the design, construction and supervision of retractable and suspension bridges on Lake Newport and River Morgana both in Atlanta, Georgia.

I look forward to further correspondences with you in order to expatiate on my potential contributions to the growth of Leighton Engineering Inc.

Many thanks,
Dennis Sparks.

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