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Sample Cover Letter For Computer Programmer

Computer programmers also commonly known as developers, coders, software engineers or simply programmers are computer software specialists whose basic duties involve writing instructions and codes to design computer software using an assortment of computer languages; evaluating and modifying existing software to achieve enhanced efficiencies; as well as running troubleshooting sequences and fixing computer software-related problems. In addition to mostly working in software companies, computer programmers are also known to work in such industries as banking and finance, hospitality, transportation, telecommunication, security and government.

The importance of computer programmers especially in modern times is to say the least, towering. This can be conveniently adduced to computer expansionism as a result of increased industrialization as well as rapid globalization. In these contemporary times, computers are available almost everywhere and many previous manually operated processes have become computerized and/or automated. The prevalence of these machines can be safely said to necessitate the relevance of these software specialists.

Ironically however, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that the job outlook for computer programmers was on a decline. The retrogression was put at -8% for a period between 2014 and 2024. The implication of this is that the rate of employment into this area of specialization would drop abysmally within this time period as competition for vacancies would skyrocket.

Attaching a well-written cover letter to the potential employee’s resume is a good way to circumvent this looming impediment. An example is provided below thus;

Computer Programmer Sample Cover Letter

Keegan Stanley Schultz
1005 Court Drive
Firth, Nebraska 68358
Phone: (308) 559-7489 Email:


Ladonna Hackett
Technical Recruitment Lead
SolarTec Computers Plc
3088 Rollins Road
Ashton, Nebraska 68817

Dear Ms. Hackett,

In reaction to the job opening announced by SolarTec Computers Plc on the company’s social media page on the 20th of January, 2018 for the position of a computer programmer, I hereby wish to submit an application for the post. With over five years of in-depth experience garnered, I am in the affirmative that I can be of massive benefit to your company.

I have taken the discretion of attaching my comprehensive resume which accentuates my professional and educational qualifications as well as work experience and achievements as a computer programmer herewith. My track record speaks volume about my expertise and professionalism as a computer programmer; and this has been duly validated by top players in the computer software industry.

My forte lies in computer language proficiency for writing codes while my analytical and troubleshooting abilities are applaudable. I am very certain that if considered for this position, I can use my wealth of knowledge to address a number of pressing issues which are inherently being faced at SolarTec Computers Plc; a good example of which is the paucity of accomplished code generators in your company.

I am highly detail-oriented and can multitask effectively whilst still maintaining substantial concentration. It would be enormously appreciated if it could be arranged for us to meet in order to discuss on any burning issues appropriately.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,
Keegan Stanley Schultz.

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