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Sample Cover Letter For Construction Manager

Commonly known as building managers, site managers or site agents, construction managers are the professionals who generally supervise and oversee the administration and/or coordination of construction projects. Their job descriptions or responsibilities vary according to the scope and/or specifics of the particular project in question. Generally, some duties of a construction manager include; coordinating workers’ activities; evaluating budget estimates and project duration; ensuring that construction processes conform with stipulated norms and regulations; elucidating on plans, models and schemes so that the workers can have better comprehension of the task ahead; as well as managing the distribution and use of supplies and materials during the construction process.

The importance of construction managers is indisputable in many ramifications. They ensure that projects are completed in timely fashions, as well as making certain that the quality of the materials used as well as methods of construction meet standard safety thresholds and regulations. Put differently, site managers help to guarantee that losses during the construction project are drastically minimized while quality remains uncompromised.

Construction managers generally work with construction companies; engineering enterprises or consultancy agencies. Chances of successful applications when seeking employment as a construction manager can be increased with the use of cover letters.

An acceptable cover letter for a construction manager is given below as follows;

Construction Manager Sample Cover letter

Larry Victor Hill
4394 Stocker Hollow Road
Tukwila, Washington 98168
Phone: (425) 435-4713 Email:


Tiffany Toole
Head of Recruitment Operations
Robin & Bernard Construction Services
792 Eagle Street
Belleville, Illinois 62220

Dear Ms. Toole,

As a proven construction manager with over a decade of experience under my belt, I am excited to write to you in connection to your advertised vacancy on your company’s weblog on the 25th of January, 2018 for the post of a construction manager at Robin & Bernard Construction Services. I am self-assured that I can be a phenomenal asset to your company if positively considered.

As highlighted in my attached resume, I have fulfilled all the necessary academic and professional requisites and accreditations required of me in order to satisfactorily carry out the duties associated with construction management. Furthermore, my years of practical work experience have tremendously honed my knowledge base as regards this esteemed profession. Over the course of the past decade, I have been tasked with such responsibilities as; estimating construction budget costs and time frames; expounding on enigmatic construction concepts to the workers; as well as supervising and assessing the quality of the project in order to ascertain that standard regulations were complied with.

I am well-aware of Robin & Bernard Construction Services forthcoming project in Belleville, Illinois as regards the construction of suspension angle towers; and I am massively convinced that the incorporation of my knowledge and previous experiences in similar projects can be a huge plus.

I would be looking forward to meeting with you at your behest so that we can have more deliberations about my application.

Many thanks for your patience.

Warm regards,
Larry Victor Hill.

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